Pulicat lake, Tamil Nadu

Pulicat Lake

“Why isn’t Pulicat Lake a popular tourist destination?” I kept asking this to myself for the 2 hours I spent in this beautiful place.

Located just 60km from Chennai, Pulicat qualifies to be a perfect getaway for nature lovers. A refreshing 2 hour ride along the green fields will take you to Pulicat. As soon as you enter this historic seashore town, random people will stop you and offer the boat ride. Its wonderful to see how they can recognise a tourist among local people.

The Boat Ride

This is the best boat ride I have had till now. The boat man charged 700 bucks but it was worth every penny. 5 minutes into the boat, you will start seeing some migratory birds. The strange thing is that the depth of the lake is just 1 inch at some parts and it feels like the birds are standing on the water.

After watching these birds, we went to a stretch of land which is surrounded by Bay of Bengal of one side and Pulicat lake on the other. You can witness the roaring waves and the calm lake water at the same time.

If you search for Pulicat on Google Maps, you will end up finding Pulicat Bird Sanctuary of Andhra Pradesh. We took this road and it leads to Sriharikota. Although the maps show water in that lake, it will be completely dried up in most of the year except in spring. We ended up driving on a road like this. Then we went to Pulicat in Tamil Nadu.

Sriharikota Road