Announcing Dorm Room Fund’s investment in Twine

Pranav Vishnu
Dec 8, 2016 · 2 min read

Dorm Room Fund is excited to announce its investment in Twine!

Twine is people analytics software that drives higher employee retention started by Wharton MBA students Joseph Quan and Nikhil Srivastava. Companies compete viciously to attract and retain the best talent. And yet every single year, the Fortune 500 loses billions to preventable employee turnover.

Twine’s mission is to empower employees to grow with their company, not out of it. Their talent mobility software helps employees find new jobs inside their current company. Organizations that use Twine improve workforce retention and reduce hiring costs by tapping into a goldmine of internal talent.

Twine uses machine learning techniques and people analytics research from The Wharton School to power their technology.

Twine’s “matching engine” was originally built to help Wharton MBAs discover compatible classmates for professional networking. As the company evolved and moved into the corporate world, it applied its technology to help talent executives and recruiters discover the best employees to move into new roles.

Today, Twine powers internal mobility initiatives, networking events, and mentorship programs at Fortune 1000 companies and leading universities. Our team was particularly impressed by their ability to sell into large enterprises and to turn cutting-edge HR research into a valuable product for large enterprises.

The Twine Co-Founders Joseph (Third from left) and Nikhil (Second from left) and the rest of their team

Meet the Co-Founders — Joseph and Nikhil

Joseph and Nikhil are Wharton MBAs who share a passion for innovation, data, and analytics. Joseph founded and scaled an innovation team at Nike and has great experience building new products and teams from the ground up. Nikhil is a former CTO who has led product teams at a number of tech startups and has experience in engineering, data science, and enterprise sales.

This combination of skills really impressed our team. We’re excited to work with them to help spread their revolutionary new product across enterprises.

Like their Facebook Page here or follow them on LinkedIn here.

Dorm Room Fund is dedicated to supporting student founders across the country and helping them reach new heights. Working on a startup? Get in touch on twitter or here. If you’re interested in keeping up to date with DRF, signup for our newsletter here.

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