Problems An Empath Faces and How To Deal With Them.

1. You tend to empathize with ass-holes who in all probability deserve what they are getting and it’s very hard for you to draw lines when it comes to empathizing with people.

2. You’re always waiting for an opportunity to help people and you realize people don’t like asking for help.

3. You expect people to be there for you and treat you like you would have been there for them or treated them, but people very often people prioritize self interest and disappoint you and yet you will never learn from your mistakes.

4. You prefer a small group of friends who understand you and the empath you are and don’t really enjoy the company of a huge group of friends who you have fun with but you can’t be open with them because they don’t understand you and the empath you are.

5. You’re often branded as the “emotional one” by the ones who don’t understand you and you can’t put on a poker face. You just feel and express the way you feel spontaneously. You often can’t hold your tears back but yet you try too hard because you’re scared people will judge you. This is often a greater problem for men than women.

6. You feel the world has forgotten emotion and how to love and you want to change the world and make people realize that living this way is not going to take us too far as a society. You feel like the world is moving too fast and is feeling too little in the process. It often gets you to wonder if there’s space for you in a world that feels too little.

7. You tend to lose faith in the idea of Karma.

8. Life is very often an emotional drain which makes you feel tired and often devoid of hope.

How to Deal with Each of These problems?

1. You don’t need to draw lines, when you empathize with ten people who do not realize the value of empathy, you would at least change the life of one person who will begin to realize the value of empathy and that is very good progress for the world we live in. Just know that you tried. Don’t be disappointed if someone you were there for forgot to value you or the idea of empathy, you are way above a person of that nature, so don’t ever be disappointed or discouraged and let it motivate you to put in more effort to help someone and ensure that the next person you help realizes the value of empathy.

2. Sometimes people like to deal with their troubles by themselves with a clear mind free from influence, give people their space but be there for them when they come to you for help. As an empath it’s also really easy to read a person’s face and infer when that a person is not in the best of their moods. This helps you be there for them when they need someone without them asking for help, so use your intuition and don’t hesitate to ask them if everything is okay and try talking to them about it. If, however they aren’t comfortable talking about it you can try to make them feel better by helping them have fun and distracting them from the thoughts that make them feel low. Sometimes people really feel like that’s one of the best ways to deal with their emotions so make them as comfortable as possible.

3. Learn to stop expecting people to be there for you and treat you like you would treat them, if you don’t stop expecting you are never going to stop feeling disappointed. Learn to start giving without expecting anything in return. Accept that people will never treat you or be there for you like you would because you are unique, every other person is unique too and every person deals with things in extremely different ways and that is the greatest beauty of the human mind. You may have prioritized people before yourself but some people will never do the same for you. Learn from your mistakes and know who to put before yourself and when. Don’t always put people before you. Learn to shield yourself. Not everyone is worth being prioritized above you and nobody is worth being prioritized above yourself at all points in time.

4. This isn’t really a problem, having a small group of close friends who understand you is always better than a large group of friends who don’t. However, this maybe a huge problem for someone who is an introvert and an empath. If you want to bring out the real empath in you, stop being an introvert. People can be judgmental, rude and un-friendly, accept that but do not stop trying to speak to people and getting to know people. To bring out the best of the empath in you, you have got to get to know more people and understand more people, where they come from and how they feel so that you have a greater perspective on people and how to deal with different kinds of people in different situations and the learning experience never ends. There’s no harm in trying to get to know people and trying to understand them, so put on your empath smile and use your conversations wisely to bring out the most amazing of stories people have to tell.

5. Stop caring about what people think and I’m sure you would have heard this a hundred times already. The most important thing about being you and truly expressing yourself without giving a damn about what people think is that there exist two advantages. The first is that when you bring out the real you, you tend to attract people who think and feel the same way you do and nothing feels better than coming across people who think and feel the way you do because these are the people who would tend to understand you the most, you don’t want to attract people by being someone you are not cause then you will never be surrounded by people who truly understand you. It also helps people understand how you feel about things better and where your sensitive points lie. Don’t be afraid of revealing your sensitive points to people because of the possibility of them taking advantage; accept your weaknesses and people who try to take advantage of your sensitive points are the ones who make you stronger and cautious of their character. The second is that when you’re hurt and feeling low you can’t keep those destructive emotions inside of you because if you do it’s going to lead to self destruction maybe not immediately but all the destructive emotions in you are going to accumulate and burst out one fine day and that is surely going to be one of the most difficult stages of your life, this is also a factor that amounts to depression. Most importantly there is absolutely nothing wrong in crying, in fact it is the best way you could release all the negative and destructive emotions trapped within you, it helps you neutralize your emotion and jump back into your normal and happy self a lot easier than anti-depressants and anti- stress pills. See:

6. “We think too much and feel too little”- The Great Dictator (Charlie Chaplin’s Speech).

This is indeed true and you may often feel that you feel too much in a world that moves so fast and feels so little, but don’t let that discourage you because you are a part of the very little of humanity that is left in the world. Bring out all the positive energies within yourself; bring out the best in you not for yourself but to bring out the best in others. We lose hope easily but don’t lose hope, come out and be the change you want to see. Stop sitting on your couch and only think about it. Your ideas need to start revolve around what is the next movement that’s going to help bring humanity back to life not what is the next idea that will help me make millions. In a world that’s becoming cold and emotion-less day after day, you need to be the “emotional” person you are cause you are the one who holds the power to transmit some emotion to the cold and emotion-less, don’t be defeated by them and never give yourself in to that world. If not for humanity at least for you because you know for a fact that being cold, insensitive and emotion-less is not in our nature and defeats the purpose of life.

7. Don’t lose faith in Karma because some people never change. Even on their worst day’s a non-empath puts on that fake smile, don’t fall for that. How long would a person survive while he/she keeps burying those emotions in forever? One day Karma has to hit back hard and when it does you don’t need to be around or know about it. If you don’t believe in Karma, believe in judgment day. Some people have violated nature and the sanctity of living there’s no way they are going to find peace in their after-life. Neither are we perfect or divine entities to decide who is right or who is wrong nor do we have the power to decide who should be punished and in what manner because at the end of the day morality is highly subjective and people see nothing wrong in things like pointless sacrifice of animals, destructing a person emotionally or destructing a person’s aims and aspirations by forcing them to do things they don’t want to do (very often arranged marriage). This subjective standard of morality has a universal standard within it too for example rape and for that we have laws and governments to punish people, but however the government can punish people for wrong reasons as well. Justice is too ideal of a concept for us imperfect beings to take into our own hands the state tries to ensure justice not because they are perfect but because they want to maintain certain order, so don’t have ill wishes for people who hurt you, just believe in the divine forces of the universe to do their job. Don’t hope for justice to take place the way you want it too and never try to take it into your own hands.

8. Just follow the above steps, envision change that will

“heal the world, make it a better place for you and for me and the entire human race”

and work on it, spread peace, love and happiness as far as possible without expecting anything in return and you shall find peace with yourself which will help you give out positive energy to your maximum potential without feeling drained.

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