Questions all Jeremy Corbyn supporters need to answer
Owen Jones

It’s interesting that the view of intellectual light weights like Owen Jones are taken so seriously.

According to this analysis the conditions of a country and its people remain a constant and different political parties some left some right fight for power and the people judging the parties by their ‘media campaign’ vote for one or the other :)

Owen , take a longer historical view , don’t be so caught up in the now!

The resurgence of the left in Europe in general and the election of Corbyn as labour leader in particular has to do with socioeconomic conditions in the west: the increasing inequality , unemployment ,homelessness ,falling incomes ,job security, so on.What is happening now , accelerated by the 2008 collapse, is a reaction to neoliberalism and austerity economics .

So don’t worry , even if let’s say that Corbyn is unable to win in the shorter term , these conditions are not going to go anywhere … the left isn’t going to get wiped out.The struggle has just begun ..have patience!

As for media campaign ,why are you so hesitant to show your support on Guardian recently…why not write a few favourable articles and try to balance the glut of almost unanimously anti Corbyn articles one finds there (as per the LSE study)

Some of the arguments here are just sloppy :

  1. ”But unfortunately the evidence to date is that when the polls are wrong — as they were in 2015 — it is not in Labour’s favour.” — Polls are either right or wrong , they are a statistical tool , they are not right or wrong in anyone's favour!Unless you mean that they are rigged.
  2. “ When Neil Kinnock saw the huge crowd at the infamous Sheffield rally in 1992,…” — You cannot compare huge turn out at some rallies to a increase in membership to half million which is unprecedented.

3. “ Sadiq Khan was not standing on a radical left programme in his London Mayoral bid” — He didn’t stand on radical left platform cos he isn’t radical left …he isn’t even left .the dude won cos the tories put up a racist campaign in multicultural London. :) and he also benefited from the Corbyn wave.

4. “at the last general election, the most googled phrase in Britain was ‘what is austerity?’” — Which means that a lot of people now know what austerity is ..that how googling works .

Also people aren’t that interested in your life Owen.

I would recommend Richard Seymour's book ‘Corbyn: The Strange Rebirth of Radical Politics’ to anybody is interested in a serious intellectual understanding of the current situation.