It’s the year 3016. Humans have long abandoned slaughterhouses for lab-grown protein. To kill an animal is murder. Now, after being stranded on an island for weeks without food, a small group of people must decide on if they should kill a wild animal to survive.

“We have to kill it”

“You mean, with our hands?” asked Ryouta.

“How else?” answered Rick, a frown on his face. He had never killed anything in his life before. Hell, killing animals was the stuff of legend. The kind of stuff you only read about in history books. “You can’t!” shouted Penelope. “It’s murder, you both know that very well” she added in a apprehensive tone. She hoped they knew the laws, the ones that had been in place for centuries now. Killing animals was….is murder. And as such punishable by law.

Ryouta looked over at Rick, who was focused on the rabbits playing in the grass, oblivious the the fate that may await one of them. “I’m not gonna starve to death out here when there’s food right there!” said Rick, with an aggression in his voice that made Penelope jump. Ryouta looked at Rick, worried that he might do something rash, and live to regret it.

“Help can’t be far away. It’s been god knows how long since our boat crashed and we ended up here.” offered Ryouta, hoping that Rick would find sense in his argument. And he did. Night fell, and all three of them curled onto the cool ground, in an attempt to find some solace in sleep. Solace from the rumbling in their stomach, which reminded them, that they hadn’t eaten anything in weeks

Dawn came early, and they all woke from a hellish sleep. They spent their days, looking out to sea. Hoping, praying, begging even for rescue at this point. But nothing came, and another night fell.

Suddenly, Rick was awoken from his sleep, by what sounded like a squeal. Much too high pitched to human. He looked around and saw Penelope, a look of horror on her face. And he realised what had happened.

“WHAT HAVE YOU DONE RYOUTA?” he screamed. There was blood all over his hands, and a dead rabbit at his feet.

“I couldn’t take it anymore. The hunger. I won’t die like this Rick..not like this…..” he sobbed as he collapsed to his knees. Rick stood there motionless, as Penelope tried to comfort Ryouta.

And Rick didn’t say what he was thinking. What had originally made him stay his hand. And if he did say it, it would probably drive Ryouta mad. But he could think it.

“None of us know how to prepare real meat”

Almost as if reading his mind, Penelope looked at him, and then towards the rabbit carcass. And screamed…