Basically main aim for every one is to earn money. Some follow the hard ways, some follow Smart ways, but center thing is Money. In this article I’ll discuss the ways I learned from which money can be earned from Blog.This is something interesting and earning means not 1 or 2 Dollars, you can as high as you could imagine, all you need is be patient, innovative and Work Hard. A blog which I have been following (ShoutMeLoud) earns approximately 17000$ per month, you can see it in recent posts of his blog.That’s the power of internet where you can achieve anything without anyone’s help by just searching in the net for alternatives.If you are a newbie, I have already written on how to start a blog.


When you saw earn from Blog, this is the first one which comes to every one mind.It has its pro’s and con’s. But many find this difficult to generate enough revenue from it.All of them will use ad sense and also other options along with ad sense. Ad sense approval is important in this and after that placing the ads and obtaining relevant clicks, all depends on your Idea’s.


This is the area where every blogger neglects. This area will generate huge income which you never believe and unlike Ad sense there will be no need of any approval from Google. you blog content is the investment for this. Generally ad’s are placed in header, Footer or in Side Banner or in middle of content, but what about the content, you are wasting the Quality content which you are writing,this focus on content.Below are the sites which deals with affiliate programs.

  • Viglink- This probably the best network for affiliate marketing as it is tied up with all individual e commerce networks like Amazon and others. Setting up Viglink is easy, all you should do is add a java script to your site and that’s it, rest of the work will be taken care by it self. It generate the affiliate links by itself from the content which you write.

You can the pic above in which the blue colored word Microsoft represents link which is not generated by me, It’s self generated by Viglink, which will be redirected to a particular product.If anyone buy the product you will commission of certain amount which varies with product.

  • You can signup with Viglink here → Viglink
  • Click Bank- Click bank is another Affiliate network, where you should sell their products by writing reviews or by email marketing. It’s relatively more reliable than Viglink as you will know the products. But as there is no restriction on uploading, so many of them will be spam, so check it out and promote it.
  • Amazon- Amazon also conducts this affiliate marketing for their own product’s.

and many other Affiliating networks( Flip kart , Share a sale ) are there and all are similar.

Affiliates program are main source of income and apart from these other sources

  • Paid reviews — By writing paid reviews, you can earn First you should consult them of writing reviews or some of the website will allow these paid reviews and generally there will be 50–100$ per review it varies on the individual network.
  • Sponsored Post — Posts written by bloggers for the sponsors, by writing a article exposing their products. you will be paid for writing the articles.

These are some of the ways of generating revenue from your blog and all of them are supported along with ad sense. None of them are against to it’s policies.

  • If any one of them want to learn more about this affiliate program and also how to generate it and also from beginning of site building,there is a Book called ANSF which gives all the details about from initial, which I came across while surfing.From Selecting your Niche to how to drive traffic and how to earn money from Ad sense and also from Amazon affiliate marketing.It comes with themes and readily built sites.
  • You can have a Look of this Book — Here( Click Here!) and if you want to buy that book you can scroll down, where you will find Add to cart and payment is done by Online through card or Pay pal.

Originally published at on July 8, 2015.

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