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One of the best way to learn new technology is to build something. This technique is super effective and I have learned a lot by building apps and releasing it to users.

In my last post, we saw how GraphQL can enable faster API and in turn faster apps, and how we can use Apollo Android to consume GraphQL API in an Android apps. If you haven’t read my last post please take some time and read it here.

I wanted to explore more and move beyond Hello World with an actual app, that uses an actual GraphQL API not…

If you are a mobile developer, you understand the importance of faster API and faster apps. Especially in countries where data is costly, it becomes important to get only required data.

But API’s are designed for multiple clients each with different requirements and more often you will find that those API’s are not optimized for mobile apps. That is where newer technologies like GraphQL can help.

GraphQL is a query language for you API, that gives clients the power to ask for exactly what they need and nothing more. If you have not read about GraphQL explore more at

GraphQL on Android

Pranay Airan

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