Change Your Roles, Change Your Life
Benjamin Hardy

I am afraid, sir, that the studies you have mentioned in the beginning of your article don’t seem to have have a good methodology. For the first study, it is not clear whether the ones who died ‘early’ had a higher risk of dying because of diseases such as as diabetes or stroke or heart-attack. Also we don’t have idea about the sample size of the study subjects. If the sample size size is small, we cannot make sweeping generalizations.

The second study also is plagued by a small sample size of 8 people. This again is a very small sample size to be able to extrapolate to the general population. Also, the measurements were made after 5 days. This cannot conclude that the intervention has long-term effects. It only proves a 5 day benefit. The measurements themselves (e.g. anxiety) are very abstract and are hard to measure or give a number to.

But completely I agree that surrounding yourself with things you enjoy improves the quality of your life. Whether it improves quantity of life is still debatable.