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Android Jetpack: Understand the CameraX Camera-Support Library

Designed in Adobe Photoshop CC by PRANAY PATEL

1. Kotlin Collections Overview

2. Android Jetpack Compose Review

3. Kotlin: Don’t just use LET for null check

4. Introduction to Kotlin Lambdas: Getting Started

5. Background Work with WorkManager — Kotlin [Codelab]


1. Learn to become a better Android developer from the experienced developers

  • Kotlin Weekly Update — 59

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1. Migrating from Dagger2 to Koin

2. Epoxy — A proxy for Adapter and complex view types!

3. Gradle Kotlin DSL converter

4. Five things you might not know in Kotlin

5. Android Koin with MVVM and Retrofit

Android Developer Interview Preparation Guide — Cracking the Android Interview

  • Kotlin Weekly Update — 58

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