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PC- Chang Duong

What does a city feed on?

It feeds on


Leftover food, from people

who leave, over!

On progress in picking plastics.

On picking Fallen leaves, carcasses.

cigarette buds- all dead and forgotten.

A city without cleaners.

is like cancer without care.

A clean city is different to

A cleaned city.

A cleaned city, exhibits

the act of cleaning!

A clean city,

Walks over it.

We pick,

everything we find beautiful.

We litter.

Cleaners do the opposite.

And they feed the city,

with freshness and love.

Yet, nobody notices.

Cleaning is such an invisible work!

A city feeds on their invisibility.


Pranay Roy

Quantitatively Curious.Writing a story with code, love, sense and simplicity. Like to put People over Products, Creativity Over Consumption.

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