Eye for an eye! — A take on the Indian Judicial system.

August 25th, Friday. I feel really disgusted! I was in office working while I learnt that Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, also know as “Rockstar Baba” and “Guru of Being” by his blind followers was convicted of “Raping 2 women”. His supporters came out all guns blazing, killing 28 innocent people in the aftermath that was created post the verdict on Friday. On Monday, the quantum of his punishment was announced. He got just 20 years in jail. JAIL, that’s it! What do you think would a man of his power be doing in jail? Serving his sentence? Are you kidding me!!

Do you remember when Lalu Prasad Yadav went to Tihar jail for “Fooder Scam” amounting to up to INR 9.4 Billion? Do you know what was his quantum of punishment?? A mere 5 years in jail and a fine of INR 2.5 Million!!

You know, the biggest problem in India is the economic disparity. With that comes the disparity of power. We middle class people keep working all our lives to accumulate some wealth that would enable us to have a good life and what do we get in the end. A tax slapped on our paychecks and no welfare! So all we keep doing is to find more ways to earn. We have so much chaos happening in this country that even though we want to empathize with someone’s misery and standup for justice to be given to them, we are always running out of time to finish some work or the other or else we are harassed to the extent that we have to give up. Many are killed on the way to justice. It’s a daily struggle for people like us!

There was an incident in my college in my final year, a kid died because he was given expired injection. We stood in front of the institute building for days, protesting peacefully! We wanted that kid to receive justice and the CMO to go to jail for his ignorance. You know what happened, he was put in jail for 4 hours and then released on bail and appointed the CMO of BIT Lalpur, the other campus that my college had for BBA and BCA education. And later we were targeted on the account of mobilising the innocent students and interrupting the smooth functioning of the institute. I was given a warning by the registrar asked to stay away from the matter, otherwise I would be expelled from college. I was a kid with burden of expectations, whose parents came from a small town and had struggled all their lives so that their kids could afford a good education. So I had to step aside. I was told that my parents would be called upon to take me home. That’s how our brilliant professors play with the judicial system! Anyway, I won’t digress much and come to the point. The Indian judicial system!!

I feel the real justice is when you give someone a taste of their own medicine. I know it sounds like a script in a movie but are we left with any other choice in this country? A terrorist can just walk into our land and kill people at will and what do we do? We treat him as a guest in a jail for years before we execute them. Aren’t we poor enough to feed all the people in this country that we needed to spend so much wealth on a useless fuck who should have been shot on sight that day!

I understand that everyone has right to a fair trial but not in cases which are so obvious! The purpose of justice should also be to be just and not only merciful! Someone harasses common public, they should be harassed by the law! Someone rapes a person, castrate them and then put them in jail, so that they feel that pain & disgrace, and realize how ugly they have made someone else ‘s life. Someone runs a scam, seize all their property and donate it to the needy. Someone dares to murder somebody, sentence them to a public hanging or electrocution!

Only then and only then, will these Mofos stop treating the judicial system as their puppet!

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