I just don’t give a fuck! “Ghanta fark nahi padta mujhe! ”

— A tribute to my 2 years at B-School and some 6 months before that!

Disclaimer: I am not here to say that I don’t give a fuck about this world. But honestly, I don’t!

Having been through some stuff in my life, I can say that it took me time to stop giving a fuck about everything in my life. It took enough psychiatrists and psychologists to be where I am right now. I just stopped giving a fuck about the unnecessary distractions in my life. I just reached a state of mind wherein all I could care about was things that matter to me, people who matter to me. For example, building a career the way I wanted to. Not by buttering anyone and not by using any jacks (B-School jargon) to get a good role.

Giving a fuck about every small thing in your life is not healthy. I’ll explain. Think about a small situation where you have given a fuck about something you felt later on was not necessary at all. For example, sulking over a broken relationship. Is it something you can change? No. Then stop giving a fuck about it. We as humans, give too much importance to why someone rejected us and for that matter, why I did not get this or that. You wanna know why you got rejected? Because the other person ran out of fucks to give about you! So, fuck them!

Ever seen someone talking about someone else bitching about them? Ever seen someone bargaining at a store for a discount as small as 10 bucks? Those are people who give a fuck about those things because they don’t have anything better going on in their lives to give a fuck about. Why should it matter to you when people bitch about you? Because you as a person is being criticised? Can you keep everyone in this world happy? No, right? We create this unnecessary drama in our lives because as humans, we have the need to be of importance in life to everyone. Especially, in situations of rejection. This is a wrong approach. So, get your shit together, and stop fucking around!

Getting your shit together is easy.

Lesson 1: Learn to become comfortable with your own self

When I entered college, I could see the whole world running around, chasing something or the other. The same fucking ‘rat race' that you would have noticed at any fucking institution you have been to. When I took admission in college, I myself was on antidepressants and antianxiety drugs. The best thing about these drugs is that they involuntarily condition your mind to give lesser fucks in life. You only care about the elements of your life which really matter to you!

In the first week on campus, I met some of “supposedly successful” seniors (those with a day-zero or a big marketing company during their internship) and they all behaved the same. Showing off how good they are and how only if you do things the way they have done it, you could be successful in this campus. I was obviously not convinced. So, as soon as the induction week (another bullshit drama that happens on campuses, it is designed to suck the life out of you) was over, I thought about what am I supposed to do and I was like enough of this shit. I am going to show this campus how it’s done! I stopped running around with my CV to every fucking asshole just to get an approval from them about if I am good enough or not. It took me 4 hours and and 3 iterations! Some did it in 1-month and 20+ fucking iterations. But obviously, I was not going to get a host of great shortlists because I am not an ass licker! People did not notice me on campus because I was not running around every day after classes to seniors and show them my resume. And because I can’t lie on my profile! Hence, most companies ignored me as well. I had just one ‘day-zero' shortlist; 4 cases practiced and I was into a day-zero Consulting firm.

The message that I am trying to deliver here is that there is not just one way to do things. You can get it by loosing your self-respect or you can keep your self-respect and focus on the important things and get it done!

Just learn to be comfortable with your personality! And give your best to what you’re trying to do. I have seen enough people on my campus who had their self respect intact while achieving the same things that someone with no self respect did!

Lesson 2: Don’t give a fuck about the bottleneck, give a fuck about the end goal that matters! Detach yourself from the rest of the world for a while!

In life, you would be faced with situations, wherein you can either sulk about your failures or the problems that you are facing while trying to do something worthwhile or you can just not give a fuck about how difficult it is to achieve and go get it done.

When you see someone not giving a fuck about his/her break up and being okay in their lives, you must think “how does this person not give a fuck about his/her ex?” They might be fucking around with random people just a week after their break up and you must be judging them! Don’t do it! You don’t really know their side, because you don’t know that it makes that person sane and helps him/her focus on the end goal that they have in their lives. These are just social taboos that we fail to understand. Because we are too fucking scared to get out of our comfort zones and do something for the greater good in our lives!

So what if that person does not give a fuck about the past! At least, s(he) cares about their future! And that is what that matters! You end goal and nothing fucking else!

Lesson 3: Use your fucks judiciously!

In the stage of life I am, I have limited number of fucks to give about this world. Actually, I don’t have any! The only amount of fucks I gives is about people and things which really matter to me. People such as my family, true friends and people who I feel need my help in their lives. The last bit obviously depends on how receptive they are to something I want to do for them!

You will also reach a stage, wherein you would not have too many fucks to give. What do you do in that case? Do you give a fuck about the trivial issues in your life? The biggest ‘Not a fuck' I could ever give! Giving a fuck to such issues is like a Lion giving a fuck about the Donkey in the jungle! I don’t mean to demean a Donkey but then that’s what they are for!

Fuck the shit that bothers you unnecessarily and use your fucks judiciously on what really matters to you in life! Because in the end, it doesn’t even matter!

I ran just out of more fucks to give! Have a good day!