God is Hope

1) The vast majority of this planet’s human population act in self interest. Altruism and social justice is for the privileged, well-fed, basic-needs-met people which is appx <1/3 of the world and >2/3 of the western world

2) Most people (4/7ish) don’t understand their surroundings, much less, what is inside of them or how and why they function, and what motivates them, so how can they know what to care about if they don’t know how to care? It’s simpler when it is survival based and isn’t the product of free time, which the majority of the world simply cannot afford, assuming they care to survive and thrive, as in make offspring.

3) People are animals driven by sex drive and survival instinct. The government exists only in the mind of people. Like money, belief in the value of it, give it legitimacy.

4) God is awake, if you believe God is awake. God is a concept if you believe God is a concept. It is people’s belief in something that influences their reality moreso than objective agreeable fact. Eg. Viewing the world as black and white, binary rather than greyish quantum.

5) Regarding the pandemic of 2020, opinions vary across the globe. There is a stark divide between those who are extremely cautious about this unknown virus, and those who are extremely cautious about the unknown illuminati...

6) Most humans have routine, whether by choice or by necessity, and the normality of this routine is conducive to their sanity, and they even become dependent on it for their sanity! Eg. My google friend who said he’s reaaaaally struggling to separate his chill time and his work time after starting to work from home.

7) Corporations, governments, academia, and nearly every and any organizational structure on this planet is addicted to a) playing by the rules and b) money. They will forget a if b is high enough. Eg. Healthdontgiveafuck industry has a process wherein they tentatively approve a claim while simultaneously hiring a 3rd party to investigate reasons for denying the claim.

8) A tiny fraction of the planet’s human population controls all the wealth and resources. Humans have determined that sharing doesn’t work based on tiny fraction of failures, and by focusing on the allure of the unlimited resource lifestyle. Eg. Billionaire boys club actually becoming a popular brand amongst asian teens.

9) Existing in a concrete jungle from birth, experiencing convenience, embedded with ambition, bombarded with ads, subliminal messaging, unable to distinguish between tree and building, will make it difficult for any person to understand the truth outside and inside of them.

10) Love and acceptance of one’s self and each other is the only thing that can heal the extreme divide, in society and in individuals, so there can be real progress towards world peace and inner peace, rather than the term world peace being thrown around like some cheap chinese plastic toy that was delivered to some old mcdonald’s in the 1990s where some Indian immigrant family went to celebrate being in the USA where they may now dream, and possibly experience nightmares, or possibly experience an openness of mind they’ve never experienced before.



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