Deleted WhatsApp Chats Are Not Gone Forever Says iOS Researcher

Deleted WhatsApp chats are not gone forever says a iOS researcher. Even the trashed WhatsApp chats can be retrieved and decrypted. The traces can be found in the database of WhatsApp (stored in the mobile device). So anyone who can get physical access to the device can decrypt and read the message. Jonathan Zdziarski, an iOS researcher discovered this intruding feature of WhatsApp. Messaging network WhatsApp’s security and privacy measures are put into question. Users welcomed the introduction of End-to-End encryption but these events annoy them the most. WhatsApp is updating itself with many new and awesome features time to time. And one of such features is End-to-End Encryption by WhatsApp. Which actually means WhatsApp does not store your data directly, you get to retrieve and use your data with an highly protective end-to-end encryption. But, the problem here in the latest version is a typical one.

Sorry, Folks. I’m saying true. The Latest Version of WhatsApp seems to leave the traces of all your chats, even if you delete them. Same goes for hidden or archived messages or chats category too. Which means even if you use “Clear All Chats” option in your WhatsApp, we can trace all your chats by the help of this Forensic Tracing. Because, the latest version of WhatsApp seems to have a bug/error in this issue. Or may be we can say it’s just a hidden tricky thing only known to Geeks of certain category.

And it leaves us only one option to clear all traces of WhatsApp, only by uninstalling and deleting WhatsApp from your Device.

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