Healing Power of Pranic Shakti

There are many diseases we hear or are suffering from. To develop the cure for these diseases you must first find the cause of it and not the effect.

Do you know that the viruses of some of the diseases are already in our body? Our body is surrounded by an electric field of natural waves. When this field is broken by any reason, we become unwell. The major cause of this is when we attract negative energies towards ourselves; the virus comes to the forefront causing diseases. Let us take the example of cancer. Our body is made up of trillions of cells which are cancerous in nature. However, not everyone is suffering from cancer. Due to lifestyle, intake of adulterated food, tobacco, certain types of infections, radiations and chemical exposures and other such factors, one tends to attract to the negative energies which breaks this electric shield causing abnormal growth of the cells leading to cancer.

Apart from it, individual’s personal deeds also have an effect on this electric field. An individual’s offense against humanity also creates an imbalance in the electric field circling the body which prevents the negative forces from entering the body and create ill-health. When the person comes in contact with the negative energies around, the negative cells and the viruses present in the body develop and the person becomes sick.

This is where the Pranic healing therapy works. Once you start practicing it, you are able to create positive energy within and outside. This will let the disease causing negative energy to die. Even if you are already ill or injured, your body will respond positively to the medication you receive thereby bringing good health and happiness in your life.

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