Pranic Shakti — What is Pranic Shakti?

There are many definitions available of Pranic Shakti. But the one that defines it in the best way is the definition that I have put forth. This definition has been forwarded by me after intense study and research on the subject. It is a completely internal system which lets the mind be in tandem with the body and the body with the mind. While activating the Pranic Shakti a kind of communication is developed between the body and mind. The trance technique which is used in the Pranic Shakti is a mental method. All the ideas and thoughts arising in your mind get fulfilled automatically. In other words, the trance in Pranic Shakti helps to develop the focus in those areas which you desire. It helps in releasing tension from the mind, brings positivity in life and ultimately leads you in a world of positivity and contentment.

As discussed, we follow the trance method to activate the Pranic Shakti and the Anhad Nad is taken as the base music of this trance. It is practiced while adoring the Almighty Lord Shiva and feel his proximity. No prayer is complete without the presence of Lord Shiva. By getting into the trance mode you order the communication between body and mind to develop.

How we do it?

The Pranic Shakti gets activated with the help of your mind. Your mind has two parts — the Conscious mind and the Sub-conscious mind. The conscious mind is that part of the mind that think, it is constantly in a working phase and is a multitasker. Whereas the sub conscious mind trusts the conscious mind completely. The function of all the organs of the body is governed by the sub conscious mind, for example the digestion, blood circulation, secretion of hormones, the nervous and endocrine system, breathing etc. The conscious mind can have more than one thought in a single moment. This multiple thinking overloads the mind at times and it stops functioning properly. On the other hand, the sub-conscious mind manages trillions of cells present in your body. It communicates with every single cell in the body.

The Pranic Healing that we give is to your conscious mind that reaches the sub-conscious mind through it. The sub-conscious mind cannot identify whether the thought in the conscious mind is true or it is mere an imagination. Whatever message it receives from the conscious mind is taken to be true. Keeping this concept in mind, Pranic healing is a powerful technique in which whatever work it wants the sub-conscious mind to do is fed in the conscious mind. When the sub conscious mind receives message, it augments all your seven Chakras, Kundalini and Aura together. All this takes years to develop in a normal course, whereas, we can do it within a few hours time with the trance technique.

It is to be noted that we cannot send any message or order the sub-conscious mind directly; it has to go through the conscious mind. This is where we have to take our mind into the trance mode with the help of music, prayers and presence of Lord Shiva. It is such an effective technique that the mind goes in the trance mode quickly and things are done at a much faster pace than any other mode of spiritual healing.