An Open Letter To Him

You wouldn't ever get to this letter, however, lets have it.Our journey continues to go on with the arrival of 2016, nevertheless all this wasn't ever expected.On my part, neither such a long journey, nor such a blooming cum horrendously budding relationship.

Since the beginning, I did appreciate the divinity of our bond,the respect,the glimmering union, But…but soon all this began to get the wind knocked out of you, or say,I, as the pragmatic reality entered the picture.

Probably, the unexpected failure to live up to your expectations each and every day continues to rip me apart,the worst that I’d have ever dreamt of.With some sizzling added to it,the persistent scathing conversation with you,plays its role well helping me dive into the sea of guilt.Initially,It was’t ‘bout who the hell are those surrounding us,instead it was all about -Us, we two indeed.However, as time rolled by the flirts grew blunt enough making me snap out fiercely.I fiercely grew cold, nevertheless you continued to overwhelm me with love.I mutated into a toxic being, but you continued dealing with me.I complained, you sorted out.I irksomely expressed my ordeals, you mended your acts. Despite all this, owning the harsh truism, everything continued to grow colder,not because envy overpowered the mystical love, but, amidst the ordeals we rewarded one another with in a state of oblivion, and substantially me indeed, when it came to rewarding your love,the ones getting ripped,weren't our hearts,love,or respect, but the trust that we, at some point of time bestowed on one another.Loyalty continues to exist,indeed.However,

When soul is ripped apart by Apparently-Seeming-Disloyal-Acts and daunting views,loyalty ceases to serve as a measure for trust.

No doubt, we had our ups and downs throughout this mystical journey of love, but we continued to stand the hard times and just not let go one another.Also, with time I did grow pretentious when it came to gaining your trust surrendering all my flaws,I did came out to be a bigger failure with each attempt of mine, but also,each time you did embrace me with all my flaws,warning me for the last time, and despite that, embracing me back,each and every time.

Nothing in your admiration, nor anything in my defense,yet there’s allot to express,something deep enough,underneath each and every suffering rewarded for loving.It might be the grudge coming out from that never ending jealousy, or the endless list of doubts, emerged from the insecurities deep within.Even today I have a hard time figuring it out.Nevertheless, lets end it, Now,this very moment, not the bond but this never-gonnabe-read-letter.For the girl who grew watching Sabrina,Winx club,Power Puff Girls,and so on, you are the male counterpart of the respective protagonist,or may be even more than that,after all its REAL, and you are no imaginary warrior,instead the real HERO of my Life-cum-Drama-cum-Nonsensical-cum-Weird Fantasy World.

Nothing left,yet one last thing-, “Let there be this smile forever, and ask other bitches to just back off.”

Your Someone.