12 Things I Did To Find Love Beyond Happily Ever After

Falling in love is the easiest, but continuing being wat we were at the very first instant of our relationship is the hardest.We fall for wat we see, and wat we feel in our significant other .However, with time as we start expecting more from the other we begin to put our darker side b4 our significant other. We don’t tend to grow our relationship complex but its our growing expectations that give rise to never ending complexities. All I really feel about this article is that rather than exaggerating the means and ways of keeping a good relationship,its better to say -Be What You Were.One really doesn’t go for any talisman or Love lessons.Our attempt should solely be focused on retaining our identity for we made our significant other fall for us as well as our own self for significant other by what we had been as an individual entity.The growing expectations don’t reflect our inner self ,in fact, exaggerate b4 others our innocent moods/desires in a devilish form.Also,we all love “Love”, not the accompanying Expectations of our better halves.Lol!! That’s we,selfish humans.

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