Simple and useful tips to improve prospecting emails

Email is a powerful tool to connect with a sales prospects. Sales people should be careful with how they use email because users are used to so much spam. Many claim that they are well aware of the tactics in email marketing, but clearly it’s a new learning each day.

At ERPNext, we use our own platform to educate, understand queries and share useful information for a new prospect, existing users and partners. Over a period a two months till now, I’ve realized email conversation plays an important part in building engagement and starting a conversation.

Here are some tips:

Subject Line

We receive plenty of emails on daily basis. Your subject line is the first attention grabbing element that will drive prospects to open your email. Research tells you that, people tend to open emails which have personalized subject line or from some they already know. Following this method, I tried sending personalized emails and my experience was quite good to have a better response rate than before.

Example: “Great to have you, Alex: Let’s go with ERPNext”

Keep it brief

As smartphone usage is growing day-by-day in enterprises, people mostly check emails on their phones. In this case, your message should be short and pitch perfect. The response rate is deliberately more for short information, as it will create interest to know more about the company. Giving away too much in the first instance is not a good idea for prospect interest.

“I am Pranjali and would love to help you to evaluate ERPNext. ERPNext is already helping more than 1000 businesses across the world to manage their operations better. I am confident it will help Virtual SR to grow faster and be more profitable.
Let me know if you are up for a quick Skype/call or demo to help you get started.”

Use relevant language

If you know what your prospect’s business area is or any latest achievement, try to use this info and invite for further bonding. This way you create relevance in your content. People love the way you take interest to know about them and then place your proposal. Take care of your research to avoid creepy thoughts that may be irrelevant to the prospect’s business interest. That way you tend to spoil your impression at once.

“Your website looks nice. Zealot’s advertising, content management services can be easily managed within ERPNext and it will keep you on top of your agents and content writers.”


Timing plays an important part to check emails in your inbox. Sending emails randomly won’t help you any day based on location and different time zones. Use time settings to send emails in different geographic regions for better click through rates. I generally suggest sending emails either in the morning between 8.30 am to 10.30 am and afternoon 4 to 5 pm. This is a good time to communicate mostly on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

This brings to a conclusion that, you should try experimenting with different tactics rather than just following similar methods each time. Plan for some new way of engagement each time.