No startup for women in India

Out of my several failed interviews, this one stood out for me. There are two characters in this story. The head of product , the Lord of the Rings who shall henceforth go by the name “Lord”. And me, a promising pink unicorn. Yes , pink unicorn. Am a female product manager on the Indian startup scene. Find me 11 more and I will officially stop calling myself a pink unicorn.

Lord : So you know, we are a startup.

Pink Unicorn [ me ] : Sure.

Lord : And since we are a startup , we sometimes work till 3 am.

Pink Unicorn [ me again ] : Okay, I get it.

Lord : And since we work till 3 am, going back home at 3 am could be a problem.

Pink Unicorn [me] : True. How often do you anticipate leaving office at 3 am?

Lord : On the day of the release i.e. once in two weeks. Are you sure you want to pursue this job opportunity? Am very concerned about your safety. After all, you stay 13 kms away from the office and going back home at 3 am is not safe for a woman.

Pink Unicorn [me] : You know, in Bangalore, men get raped too? Did you read yesterday’s news?

Lord : radio silence…….. Thank you for your time

Pink Unicorn [the one and only] : Thank you for saving my life and not letting me get raped in a cab on my way back from home while trying to find a cure to cancer, or not!