Scars on the Soul

depression is a stage where all the tears get dried up 
your eyes become bleak and crimson 
not because of the anger but because of the pain and the suffering 
you want to let it all out, you want to bang your head against the wall and be as convulsive as you can while having this urge to hurt yourself simultaneously 
but all you are doing is clenching that pillow right next you and all you can hear are the screams 
the screams of your soul which is afraid of the morbidity 
you look for someone to talk to 
someone who can empathise and not just throws out some sympathy 
but you get ignorance , taunts, disappointments, rudeness and excuses 
people think that you are just being sad and moody that you are being immature that you are running away from responsibilities that you are pushing them away

what these people don’t understand is that

depression is not sadness its the stage beyond it
depression is not chosen its is impelled !!