Test Fairy

Our Experience:

We land up with a situation when a critical bug that arose at our client side that our tester will not be able to reproduce. Testers spend hours on finding or reproducing the scenario but failed to do so. After hours of searching we came across a tool named “TestFairy” which helped us to reproduces a scenario, through which we fixed the bug.

What is “TestFairy”?

Beta testing mobile apps becomes only more challenging as the crop of devices and mobile OS versions continues to expand, and Israel-based TestFairy, is help us to tackle an aspect of the process that often results in beta users not being very useful to developers, a platform that gathers crucial feedback even if a user isn’t supplying it.

Benefits of using “TestFairy”

· No SDK /API’s- TestFairy does above without even requiring that a developer integrate any SDK or APIs into their app builds.

· Extremely easy to setup- A developer only needs to upload their APK/IPA to the Test Fairy platform and then the company’s tools takes it apart, inserts the necessary hooks to gather information in the proper places, and then puts it back together for distribution to beta testers.

· Integration with Bug tracking softwares- TestFairy is associated with other tools/applications like JIRA, HipChat and Bamboo for bringing testers and developers together.

· Detailed logs- “TestFairy” provided videos, log files and screen shot of the scenario as well as detailed information about device on which application installed, time stamp, location, device info, session time etc. which helped us to identify root cause of the problem.

What TestFairy provides?

In Free version

- App Distribution and Crash Reporting.

In Paid version

- Video Recording, JIRA Integration, Slack/ HipChat, Customized Landing Pages.

- Multiple Admins, Real Time APIs, Phone Support, Customized Emails.

- Unlimited Admins, Private Cloud, On Premise JIRA, White labeling, SSO, PenTesting.

Get stared with “TestFairy”

We referred below steps for Android Platform to add “TestFairy” :

1) Sign up to “TestFairy” website.

2) On Successful Sign up,user will receive an email with API Key.

3) Add the SDK to your build.gradle

dependencies {

compile ‘testfairy:testfairy-android-sdk:1.+@aar’


Note: Make sure you have jcenter() repository included.

4) Add Testfairy to your main activity’s onCreate:

import com.testfairy.TestFairy;

public class MyApplication extends Applications {


public void onCreate() {

TestFairy.begin(this, “d30b4af7e3f31d34e589de0459642c6e39a4da6c”);


With the help of “TestFairy” we are able to track Memory & CPU Performance, Network Throughput, Phone Signal and Events etc.

Reference links for all platforms:









In conclusion, there are many testing tools available that help distribute beta versions and invite users to give feedback and report problems.

With app testing tools we can collect crash reports, analytics, feedback and more so TestFairy is very useful for identify crash and slow session.