I’d just cracked the code and they changed it!

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I complete exactly 100 days on Medium today. It’s been a short but a hell of a ride.

I also incidentally wrote my 100th story yesterday — I didn’t plan this, it just so happened. I’ve had days with zero stories and others with 2–3, I sure can’t claim that “I wrote for 100 days straight” as much as I’d like that discipline (unless I count comments which I don’t).

What Made Me Start?

I wasn’t a “writer”. I am probably still not in the true sense of the word.

I just love, or at one point loved, writing.

And like many of us, this strange year gave me an opportunity to rekindle that old love affair. …

These tiny mindset changes helped me reinvent my personality.

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Growing up, as a teenager, I was never one who thought much of social skills. I was a topper at school and basically focused on my studies, hung out with a fixed, rather small group of friends, and minded my own business.

I never had a girlfriend in high school or most part of college, because I was convinced that it wasn’t the age to be dating and having relationships, and that could all come later in life. However, that focus on studies and ridicule for most things extracurricular started to take its toll on my social skills.

By the time I was in the final year of my undergrad, I realized I wasn’t the most natural and fluent in social situations. …

#3 Ironing a pair of jeans is surely a foreign concept

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Have you ever had an argument with your partner where both of you clearly think the other is in the wrong?

You left your SUV all muddy and dirty from your last offroad adventure, and your girlfriend washed it and made it look shiny new, and she’s expecting a big thank you and gifts, while you think she should be glad enough you’re not mad at her for spoiling that awesome look that your SUV had from that memorable trip.

You’ve had an argument and your boyfriend thinks you clearly owe him an apology, and you think you’re being the nice one here by letting him get away by simply “letting it go” where you should be the one demanding not just an apology but a big gift for his stupidity. …


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