Empower, Engage and Retain best talent through smart continuous review conversations!!

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Technology and consumer trends are constantly changing and the traditional business models are getting challenged and new business models are evolving.

Gen Y workforce is driving the new consumer trends hence role of HR in the digital age is transforming. Retaining best talent and attaining new skills with focus on new organisation design are the highest priority for the organisation of the future.

Problem: Tollgate based performance centered conversations between Employee and Manager are not helping the organisation to manage and retain talent which had been the traditional approach.

Leena.ai is solving the problem enabling regular conversations between employee and managers.

Leena.ai powered smart HR assistant can empower employees initiate continuous conversations with the managers and voice their opinion providing the feedback mutually.

Aggregated feedback for the managers compared with the peers can change behaviors and improve engagement. For more information on Leena.ai,

Please reach out to me on praphull@yahoo.com and we can have casual conversation in person or virtual and I can assure it will be mutually enriching.