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A psychological thriller debut that will forever change the way you look at the lives of others.

Rachel took the same train each morning. Every day she trembled down the track, flashing past the stretch of a comfortable suburban home, and stopped at a signal which enables him to daily watch the same few breakfasting on their deck. He even began to feel like he knows them. ** Jess and Jason, ** he called them. Their life as he saw it was perfect. No different life he had just lost.

And then he saw something surprising. This is only one minute until the train moved, but it was enough. Now everything is changed. Can not keep it to herself, she offered what he knew to the police, and became closely intertwined in what happens next, as well as in the lives of everyone involved. Who has done more harm than good?

Compulsively readable, The Girl on the Train is a deep emotional, Hitchcockian thriller and electrifying debut.

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Looking for a great thriller? Look no further, the train has arrived. Paula Hawkins has written a tightly woven mystery with painful secrets and startling truths reveled along the way.

The main character Rachael, is a heavy drinker, whose life is teetering on the edge. She has lost her husband, and her job. Yet, she continues to ride the train into the city every day, pretending to go to work. Along the way, Rachael creates a story about a perfect couple who’s home backs the tracks, a home just a few houses down from where she lived with her husband…..

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