The need for High Speed Rail in India.
Balaji Viswanathan

Hello. All the above mentioned points are true and I do agree that transportation is important. But there are many other problems which should be prioritized higher. For example, consider UP.

Children are dying because there is no oxygen in the hospitals. CM is spending on lord Ram statue. How did he prioritized that? Is that stupidity of people or stupidity of CM.

As you said, there are many advantages of having the HSR in our country. But just leave that for now. Anyways people above middle class will prefer HSR than lower middle class. So for now let them travel by air and instead spend on maintaining the current tracks and building new tracks alone. That is more sensible right.

There are many promises given by our PM. Let’s start with them first and as they are progressing we can start others. What about the Ganga cleaning and smart cities projects? People don’t even know the status of them. Start the work, and update the status to the people. They should know what’s happening and how far the government worked on the promises they made during elections. Let’s be more sensible

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