Interest based tribes — Future of social networks

Ability to collaborate in larger groups is one of the most important reasons for human progress and dominance on this planet.Throughout the human history, formation of human networks has been driven mostly by necessity and geographical reasons.For example, I am part of my friends and family, neighbourhood networks since they are around me(geographical), I am part of my work network because I work with them(necessity).

Things haven’t changed much, even in the internet age. Internet gave us the beautiful ability to connect with anyone on this planet in a split second.But on most of the social networks like Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat we connect with people we know in real life.

Connecting with people with similar interests allows us to have interesting conversations, share knowledge and perspectives and do great things together. ProductHunt is a very good example of a community of like minded coming together to do amazing things.Networks like Twitter and Reddit are contributing to this to some extent, but they have their own shortcomings to be a true “Interest based social network”. I strongly believe that there’s gonna be a lot of social networks coming up which are centered around relevance and topics of interests.

I am trying to contribute to this “Social networking revolution” in a small way, by building Tribyo — A truly Interest based social network. Not sure if Tribyo plays a significant part in that revolution, but I am pretty sure this change is inevitable. I am excited about that future, irrespective of Tribyo’s success.

Please share your thoughts about this.

If you’re interested, please check out Tribyo and provide some feedback.