Stop Trying To Be Realistic
Darius Foroux

I think there is an ocean or mountain of difference between your culture and mine. Even though your’s might be the popular in the world, it may not be the ultimate for mankind or humanity. The point of contention here is “Life’s purpose”, not just doing what one want’s to do in life without thinking about consequences. You are saying the following:

>>> “The truth is: You’re trying to be realistic.

And I’m telling you: DON’T. Think outside the box. Think of flying cars. Unconventional living. Space travel. Whatever.

Be crazy, weird, delusional, out of your mind, or whatever term people use for not ordinary. Do extraordinary things”. <<<

Already people are being crazy, weird, delusional, out of their mind and whatever we say for not ordinary. This is what is called as being extremely impulsive and emotional about life. Nothing can be achieved that way. Precious life time must be used to fix and pursue evolutionary ideals or goals like absolute Self Realization or relative personality development, gain, develop and practice selfless attitude, noble virtues, sublime values, higher principles, chaste emotions, service orientation, duty consciousness, Sacrificial outlook, so that one does justice to one’s human birth and existence.

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