10 Things You Didn’t Know You Were Doing, That You Should Be Avoiding (According to Our Doctors)
Keck Medicine of USC

This is a wonderful article that focused on points which we humans would do naturally, without being conscious or aware of the consequences. There are many other things which we do subconsciously and lacking awareness, because we made it a mechanical routine out of them. Simple things like brushing up our teeth, Not changing our Socks for foot,Not washing clothes regularly, Unconscious eating, Binge eating and limitless Fast food and junk food consumption, Using computers, Using Mobile phones, developing unwanted or extra habits like Drinking alcohol, smoking, Drugs, etc.,Developing other addictions and habits like gambling, sex, relationships, etc., over indulgence in sensual pleasures, having control over our relationships, Bad company or associations, greed for wealth, power, position, name, fame, reputation, luxury and comforts of life, indiscriminate brooding or lingering and other superficial paraphernalia, should all be given due importance that they need, so that we develop some discipline in life to lead a refined life. We take many things for granted in life, without a balance or sense of proportion. These need immediate attention to make our selves more alert and conscious of our life.