Do we have the DNA to build great products in India ?
Avinash Raghava

A scientist understands a problem deeply, and comes up with an answer. The answer may not be practical, or scalable.

Which is exactly why we need engineers. A good engineer is supposed to deeply understand a problem, and come up with a practical, viable, scalable solution. There is no need to bring artists into this conversation :)

The real challenge is that our schools/colleges have completely beaten down problem solving of the unknown kind (creativity), instead making kids solve the same problems repeatedly, or giving ‘hacks/jugaad’ to solve problems, instead of solving any given problem from fundamentals.

For instance, open book exams are quite common outside, but in India, I’ve seen students protesting against open book exams: because the problems in the exam are not in the textbooks!


For our product ecosystem to thrive, we need skilled engineers + marketers + product + sales people, with skills of empathy, self-awareness, resilience, experimentation, partnership, who are ready to co-create with an initial set of good customers.

There needs to be deep application of marketing, beyond promotions, and product, beyond technology.

These are all skills, and it takes time for skills to get taught to a wider group.

But if there’s one thing we as Indians are good at, it’s replicating skills, en masse :)


I am quite confident that we’ll emerge as Product_Nation with a lot of effort going in. With folks like you deeply invested in solving this problem, the problem doesn’t stand a chance :)

Paraphrasing Jeff Bezos, “It’s Day 1 of Indian Software Product ecosystem”.