5 essential traits of a successful employee.

Let’s not try to define a term success here. Our understanding about “success” is more than enough to get a sense of this article. What does it need to be a successful employee in a workplace? Does your academic qualifications go alone to make you a hero of the workplace? or do you need to have some other skills also?


The ultimate aim of a company is to generate a positive result on every domain of its interest. Which is not so easy to do but not impossible either. Every company wishes to hire the best of the job applicants but in fact, the best candidates are not reliable unless the company hiring them is Google or Apple or Facebook or Microsoft. These ( the best ) candidates, on the other hand, are expensive also. Keeping these facts in mind, recruiters choose intermediate candidates who are good enough for the company.

After Hiring or before hiring? Points to ponder all the time:

What are the essential skills that you should have in order to succeed in a company of all sizes? I have tried to list some of the skills the employer like to see on their workers. When I tried a failed attempt to start a company, I had categorized employee skills into many different points. I kept trimming these points and concluded these five traits as a summary. These are not qualifications but traits which are super easy to develop from scratch.

1. Public Speaking:

You don’t have to be the president of the United States, just feel comfortable in a crowd, speak your mind and know your topic well. In a job you frequently have to present your final project or discuss the progress on an assigned project in front of your peers or seniors. You have to feel comfortable and have to be articulative during this time. If you think this is not your trait then take some online classes and practice. Take out that leader inside you.

2. Communication:

I was born and raised in Nepal. I finished all my education but college level in Nepal. I speak 5 languages. I am fluent in some but beginner in others but the important thing is that I speak 5 languages. For me, communication is very important in any kinds of jobs. The way you interact with others and the kind of words you use for such interaction is very important. The tone or rhetoric of conversation carries an aura and don’t let this aura to be negative. If you are working under someone, don’t feel small and if you are the head of some project don’t act like an 80s boss. The main job is to get things done and there are various ways to make people work. You don’t have to be bossy for it. On the other hand, always seek help, ask questions, count others argument and carefully consider them before jumping into the final decision.This will help to minimize errors. You always should have a very clear picture of what you are doing and communication is the key to open a door having that crystal picture.

3. Technology:

Who doesn’t know how to use a computer? Well, many people do not. Today, If you do not know how to operate this machine called computer then you are the cheapest goods in the market. After few years, Robots will replace humans from jobs rising structural unemployment rate. Japan is already working on robotic worker because of the lack of enough manpower and aging population. Many private sectors in the USA are practicing the same concept to cut down on labor cost. Ford and GM are already using machines to assemble their products. No matter what labor force does the company use, some technical skills are here to stay for at least a decade. Learn cloud storage, spreadsheets, google docs, dropbox, email, minor troubleshooting, designing, content management, database, or if possible learn at least one programming language. Python is very popular these days and there is a very good tutorial in Udacity. Go and take it. Just spend an hour a day to learn and browse something new about technology. Keep abreast of everything.

4. Collaborativeness :

Collaboration, working together as a team, is a key to success. A company can be a successful company if and only if its team has a well-defined set of goal and a clear viable path to achieve it. The question however is, What will be your role in the crowd? Remember, you are the most important element in the group. Do not just take a space, always contribute something. Don’t try to hug the stage during a discussion. Put everybody in the same boat. Put your biases aside and engage yourself in a healthy meaningful discussion. Time management is the subset of collaboration. Be the master of the time, not a slave.

5. Adaptability:

How well do you adapt to a new situation or work environment? If this is easy for you, then you are already one step ahead in the competition. This is a small but an important trait you should have to be successful in the office. Observe the culture, take interest on your coworkers, make friends, do not bring a brown bag from home for at least a month or so.This way you can connect yourself with your coworkers and adapt to your new office culture easily. Office and school are different, for some, they are not even related. Make this transition smooth and easy. Your friends in the office will have different backgrounds or origin. They obviously will have different skills and responsibilities. Respect their space also.

These are a list of a few traits that all employers want to see on their employees. There are many other traits that employers want to see on their workers. But these are the basic points you must develop in order to prove yourself a competent worker in the market. These points are equally important for all candidates in the job market regardless of their concentration or expertise. If you ask my opinion, I would like to hire a person who knows how to code no matter what position he/she is vying for. Before applying, first learn how to think.

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