2015 — The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

2014 was a good year. Started 2015 with many new dreams to fulfil. Now it’s time to have a look back at how I fared with my resolutions. What were the good ones vs the bad ones.

I like to say that you already are a failure if you haven’t started yet. Just making resolutions do no good if you haven’t started working on them.

As the title states, I will break 2015 into the good parts, the bad parts and the ugly ones.

The Good Parts

I started 2015 with an amazing opportunity to intern at a startup trying to solve the problem of travel planning. I joined them right on the day of Christmas in 2014. [Sigh. Talk about interning.] This was something that I was looking forward to for months while I was learning Web Development at Bangalore. It gave me the confidence to do more and dream more. Yeah, everything starts small. Even you were a small baby once before becoming this protein-stuffed giant that you are.

Startup life was tough. We stayed up from New Year’s Eve till the morning of the first day, coding, building features to start the new year on a high note. Started the new year of 2015 with a pint of Budweiser. Yeah, just a pint of Budweiser, nothing else. And, of course my unemployed (excuse the pun) friends stayed up that night too, but they were coding or fixing bugs.

Sometimes you start hating yourself trying to move faster than the crowd. Ugh, what was I thinking? You forget everything. You forget that your parents are waiting for you 100 miles away and they won’t ring you up because they don’t want to disturb you. You forget to wish your girlfriend. You never got that reminder to ring her up because your phone was on silent-mode while you were busy coding the hack out of the design that the guy from that local design shop mailed you this morning. Hmm, I hope he is working on his designs now. Does he have any bugs to be fixed?

Okay, enough of it. Now getting back to the good parts.

I joined BookMyShow as an UI Developer on the last week of May, 2015. I knew I will miss being the jack of many responsibilities at Routofy, but was contend knowing that I’ll get my much needed peace of mind back focusing on just one signal responsibility, to code out the newly redesigned UI for BookMyShow.

BookMyShow was different. I was working at the company I used to book movie tickets from. (Now, don’t start asking me to book tickets for you, like few friends of mine do.) I was working with some awesome designers, programmers and managers. Just to give you a hint, our web lead is a hardcore designer too. Also, got to meet people from around, got to share a couple of beers and thoughts. Got to learn best practices and hacks from developers that I was surrounded by. To sum it up, learned a lot just by hanging around some awesome peoples.

And BookMyShow continues…

Now, I had a lot of things I decided to do during 2015 and I even published a brief post about my resolutions. (Linked below) How did I fare? Was I able to quit smoking? Did I bought that Arduino?

Was I able to quit smoking?

Well, I did managed to quit smoking, except that I smoke once a week now. So I should say I ALMOST managed to stop smoking. But I have to say and my fellow smokers will agree too that you feel fresh when not smoking.

What about the Arduino?

Nope, I wasn’t able to buy the Arduino Starter Kit as I wasn’t quite ready due to the lack of time. I finally ordered it as of today and it should be on its way already. It would be my first Made in Italy buy, yay! Get ready for some smart fun things.


I did donated (have you?) to few charities and some not-for-profits like Khan Academy, Wikipedia, etc. I’d like to give out more as I grow up professionally and financially.

Nihongo wa dekimasu ka?

Nah, I didn’t learn Japanese. [SIGH] But, I did learn the Swift Programming Language and fell in love with it like so many other programmers. FYI, it was open-sourced recently, a huge news for the tech community. People are using it for so many varieties of projects outside of the iOS, MacOS, tvOS and watchOS platforms.

What about staying fit?

Finally, I had myself enrolled to the gym and I am a regular. I feel better now.

There are so many things I wanted to do, but a year isn’t just enough for that to be done so I’ll just leave them for now.

The Bad and The Ugly Ones

Well, there are so many things I left unchecked in my checklist of things-to-do that it is nearly impossible to list them all. I wasn’t able to dedicate my time to the important things because those time were wasted in unnecessary stuffs.

I better be careful with what I surround myself with and you should too.

Don’t forget to click/tap that heart button if you think I fared well with my resolutions and the year 2015 overall.