Yin yang princess

Part I

Birth of the light

It was the on November 8, 1994 the world was able to take a respite from the turmoil and bloody rage. It was as if the world witnessed a miracle. Rage-filled, lung-bursting hollers were replaced by bird chirpings. The dried-up river went back full and started singing soothing melodies. Fishes started jumping with joy bringing smiles to fisherman in their little boats. The darkness in the sky disappeared and instead it was blue and lively. Oddly, there were rainbow bright and colorful. The happy doves and the colorful blooming flowers made it picture perfect. It was a sight to behold. Perhaps it’s the world’s way of celebrating the birth of something wonderful. It was then a star was born.

Part II

The laws of attraction

Bringing a princess of such splendor is neither an easy task nor without hurdles. There were situations where the existence of beloved princess was threatened. It was because of the bravery and persistence of her folks the world was able to witness the charming little princess. Everyone cheered the birth of our little princess. There were celebrations and tears of joy. After all, everyone needed a festival to take a break from the the bleakness around them. The princess has a scintillating charm around her. All it takes a mere eye contact to forget everything and get lost in those captivating eyes and smile. It was impossible to fall in love after the fateful eye contact. Some tried resisting the charm by not seeing her but it took them a little more than a month to realize what they have missed. The little princess was least bothered by what’s happening around.

Part III

The Blossom

The princess grew up quickly. She became skillful in everything she touched. She won numerous accolades without even breaking a sweat. She received great education one that unparalleled. The universe liked her so much it took special care in making sure she was put in the right place. As a result she developed great virtues. The princess blossomed into an angel she was destined be. She was able to look beyond the boundaries set to her. There’s no wonder she developed wonderful relationships that were based on love and care rather than mundane materialistic experiences. She was an adorable angel.

Part IV

The dark clouds

The angel has her share of challenges. Even the greatest of gods and goddesses

had to endure hard times. The angel handled them with grace but they took a toll on her. The hypocrisy and the jealousy of the world saddened the angel. She was heart broken by people she valued most. In spite of all this she still valued her core virtues and believed in spreading happiness. Sadly situations didn’t pan out as she wanted. In spite of all this she cared for her loved ones though nothing was reciprocated.

Part V

The lost soul

As fate would have wanted it, the angel crossed paths with a nomad who’s in search of warmth and care. The nomad looks worn out by the battles life has thrown at him. One could tell he’s isn’t doing great and he needs a break. The angel’s infectious energy and heart warming smile shone like a bright star. The nomad was drawn to the angel’s light. One could tell there was an instant connection. The angel was least bothered about the nomad’s origins. Every-time the angel smiled, the flickering light in the nomad’s heart burned with greater intensity. It was as if the angel’s smile was fueling the nomad’s light. The nomad tried to spend as much time as he can with the angel and looked for ways to keep the angel happy. Being a nomad, he knew he couldn’t stay with the angel for long. The nomad’s gut wrenched and his heart felt too heavy after he witnessed twinkle tears in the angel’s eyes. He cursed himself for being a nomad. But it was his destiny to be a nomad and it was to be fulfilled. He bid farewell and journeyed to faraway lands vowing to return to the angel someday. Memories with the angel were permanently etched onto the nomad’s heart. They were enough to keep the fire burning for sometime.

Part VI

The future

The angel is destined for greatness and has the larger role of spreading happiness and upholding good virtues. She’s being prepared for it by the universe and the universe has provided her with enough support through her loved ones near and far. The world eagerly waits to see what the future has in store for its darling princess

For those who are intrigued to take a look at the angel, here’s a picture of her. Beware those eyes and smile could make you fall for her