My Amazon interview Experience

Hello there - my dear reader!!

It is good to see you! Here I am going to share my interview experience in which I cracked to get a Quality Assurance Engineer role as an intern in Amazon. I believe that it will be useful to you.

The whole process took two days to complete.

Day 1:

Pre - placement Talk:

The HR team from Amazon gave a presentation on the history, growth of Amazon also gave huge insight about various products from the company. Later they discussed about various jobs roles and the compensation ( the most important part :P ).

Round 1:

We were split to into 2 batches for the first round. It was conducted on the platform — “ Hackerearth “. There were 2 parts. 20 MCQs and 2 programming questions.

I belonged to batch 2. Once my batch 1 friends came out , they told me that they were able to get almost all the cases. So I assumed it was easier for them and entered the lab, hoping I would also get questions in the same level of difficulty.

At first sight, the questions appeared relatively easier

  1. Find number of special numbers in an array ( special number is a one which is divisible by at least one other number in the array )
  2. Find the biggest prime factor of a given integer.

Having used hackerearth platform before, I knew I would get full marks if and only if I code the most optimized solution. So I took around 20 mins to get an optimized solution and coded it. When I compiled , I expected to get at least half of the cases to pass, But puffff! It didn’t !!! I got only 35 marks for each of the program so I continued to work on the MCQs. Later I tried many times, but couldn’t crack a single additional test case!

After coming out of the lab, I learned from my friends that they also got the same score!!! It was a relief for me. Later the results were announced and my name was there for round 2.

Round 2:

It was a pen&paper coding round. Two data structure questions were given.

  1. Reverse the linked list of given size
  2. determine the diameter of the given binary tree

I was able to code the solution along with some test cases. I explained my code to the hall supervisor along with some edge cases. The results were announced around 7:45 pm and selected students were divided into two loops- SDE/SDET and QAE/SE. I was part of the QAE loop.

Day 2:

Round 3:

It was again a pen & paper round. The hall supervisor gave

  1. One data structure question [ Find the peak element in an array , in which elements are increasing and then decreasing ] [ optimum solution was mandatory along with test cases ] — I wrote a binary search technique based solution with around 10 test cases
  2. One trouble shooting question [ You have typed in the browser and hit the enter button. If nothing is showed in your browser what will you do ] — I wrote around 3 pages covering various aspects of troubleshooting the given scenario.
  3. One testing question [ Test cases for a Gmail login page ] — I covered around 30–40 test cases.

I completed the given questions in the allocated time and submitted my answer sheet and waited for results. And when it arrived, I was shortlisted in QAE category. Along with other candidates , I went to the Library for the face to face HR round.

Round 4:

Initially, everyone were made to sit in separate tables and given papers . We were given a test case question [ Write test case for the payment page in amazon site. The HR was very informative , he explained clearly each component of the page as few other candidates were not sure about it. ]

After 15 minutes , HR called each candidate one by one. I wrote around 40–50 test cases and waited for my turn. My turn came.

I entered his cabin and he greeted me. I greeted him back and he asked me to sit down. I gave him my portfolio containing all my certificates. He wanted only my resume and asked to keep my portfolio aside. I was like —

“ It is my 20 years of work! why don’t you have a look at it?? at least once?? “.

But I did not make it out of my mouth and did as per his words.

He asked me to introduce myself and while hearing my words , he also throughly went through my resume. Then he asked me this question

“Tell me about your Quality assurance contribution at Mozilla”

It was a very easy question for me to answer. I had been doing testing contribution for more than a year at Mozilla. He showed much interest in asking more and more details. Initially he asked me about the products I tested, how I tested, what was the system used. He also asked to list some of the bugs I reported.

I listed as many bugs as I could remember and with one particular bug, we had a discussion around 10 minutes. At the end of this discussion, I felt good and he seemed to be impressed.

Then he asked the test cases , which I wrote in the paper. He initially asked me describe the components that I have considered. Then I explained each test case. During the explanation I realized that I have missed two components, He explained those components and asked to write test cases for them.

Then he gave me a trouble shooting question — [ what will you do when the buy button does not work for a product ]. I thought for few minutes and listed around 10 possible scenarios .

After that, he gave the final question — he asked me to write the test data for a special type of sum finder. I asked many doubts , he patiently solved all and I completed in on time. At the end , I asked about various technologies I will be working, he answered me in detail.

That’s it!!

Then , I sat in the waiting place , patiently, for more than 5 hours — for the results. The results came around 8 pm. and when QAE interns part came my name was the first to be called!!

It was the best feeling that I ever felt in my entire life!!!!

Thanks for reading my experience ! Hope it helped you , I wish you all the best for your endeavors !!

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