My Internship Experience

Hello everyone !!! I am an under graduate student doing B.Tech at CEG . I was in my 4th semester and the semester holidays were to start . I had no plans in spending my holidays but the only thought I had was not to waste it . Then came the information from our hod mam that Myswots is conducting an internship exam and the top 6 gets internship . I was not sure of getting selected but I thought to make a try . It really felt good when I received mail from Mr.Sesha Krishnan that I was given an internship opportunity .

This was my first ever internship and I was eager to know the process taking place . The internship process started by a conference call through hangouts as Myswots is a company in US . In that call we introduced ourselves and Mr.Sesha explained about various features of myswots platform . Mr.Sesha was so friendly that he made us feel comfortable . Then he made us as two teams based on our interests as frontend team and backend team . Then tasks were assigned for both the teams . I was a member in frontend and we were assigned a task . We had two tasks in this internship and one was to implement a notes-taking application . As Myswots is a platform for taking up tests , users may need to take notes for reference . Therefore our task is to implement a notes application in myswots website .

What I learned ?

The most important thing which I learnt from the intern was “ Team Work ”. I had no experience in working as a team before .Really it was a great experience to work as a team as we used to discuss and share our ideas . The ideas which we think may not be correct every time and especially your team mates will definitely know something that you don’t know before . So its all about knowledge sharing and I had great programmers , fun-filled team mates ( this includes all interns ) . I learnt many things technically and also non-technically . Working practically what you learn will always be interesting .

This was a two months internship and throughout the internship it was a good learning experience and working as a team was fun filled , helpful and was a great experience .

Happy Reading !!