An year ago I uncovered a secret of my life, I realized I do not have the ability to communicate with people by moving my lips, I am also not quite sure about the purpose of my ears, they are just there for some unknown reason.

Till then whenever I saw people around me moving their lips I also did the same but they got annoyed. I even tried moving my lips in turns like others but of no use. Surprisingly others always communicated with me by moving their hands.

Then one day I was sent to school (a special school) and I understood everything, now I do not try to move my lips or try to see others lip movement in order to understand them, now I understand people by looking at their eyes and their facial expression and it is far easier.

In school I learnt people in different nation move their lips differently and they need to understand how other country men moves their lips or need to understand a common way to move the lips before they can communicate with each other.

The language of eye and face have no difference across countries and if we want we can understand each other without having to know any special way of communicate. By going silence I have understood the broad spectrum of communication.