Andragogy — Managing the learning curve of a professional

I have always wondered why sitting in class and learning in traditional pedagogy used to make me feel like running away from books and theories. My tendency of inter-relating everything I learn and how am I going to apply this at my workplace made me crave for learning things which can be useful in growing oneself as a professional, rather than a student.

And when I saw my peers learning and enjoying those traditional methodologies, I wondered whether I’ve lost interest in studies, or the traditional approach to it made me run away from it.

And then I came across adult learning theories and principles. Not many people talk about it. Although a few know these principles exist, most never apply them.

In spite of so many journals, white papers and other writings that cover various topics of adult learning, I feel we are very far from the era where adult learning approaches are whole-heartedly accepted.

Nevertheless, here are a set of generally accepted principles and rules of Adult Learning, or Andragogy. This infographic was created with the kind help of Arif Hussain Jaffri of Qustn Technologies.

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Let us share our understanding and views on this interesting area of training.

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