Darkness never bothered him before

he loved every bit of it,

his every poem

Every story ,

every single song

which he wrote on tunes

composed by his soul,

he owed all this to loneliness

and part of darkness he had in his life,

It never happened before

What he was experiencing,since last two months.

A stranger getting closer to him

Asking about his every thing

Knowing about his fears and dreams

It never happened before,

He only shared his life with

His poems, His stories,

in those stories in which

characters were similar to him,

Now his every thought was heard

His opinions were not penned

But it was getting discussed,

He had never experienced this before,

darkness was no more part of his life

And he was not even missing it,

Lost in conversation with someone

Whom He didn't know two months ago,

He him self did not know about his status

Is he lost or is he living a life offered by destiny,

Not showing interest in composition composed by soul

One day he realised that stranger was gone,

There was only fog around

Idea of of searching got freezed,

While sitting inside his room

He realized,

Darkness never bothered him before.

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