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You might have heard about a cool animation called “Circular Reveal”. In this article, I will be showing how we can implement this animation during opening and closing of a fragment — in a clean way.

What are we going to accomplish?

So, let’s get started.


Lets start by creating an interface. Every fragment that needs to exit with the animation — will have to implement this interface and override the method. …

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ExoPlayer is a open-source super customizable audio/video player from Google. It is able to play DASH (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP), HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) and SmoothStreaming; merge, loop, concatenate, cache medias — while allowing developer to define custom load control, define seamless transition between successive medias and much more. So without further delay, lets get started.

Have you ever noticed a persistent snack bar in Android’s YouTube app or LinkedIn- that shows up whenever you have lost your internet connection? Ever wanted to implement the same in your own Android application? In that case, seek no further- we are going to do just that — in a clean and “DRY” way.

Lets start by creating a view for our implementation of SnackBar. We will call it custom_snackbar.xml and we will inflate it on CustomSnackbar class as follows:

Next, we are going to setup a class, that will monitor the status of device network connection and will notify our listener whenever it changes. …


Prashant Barahi

Software Engineer

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