Interview preparation tips to stand out from the crowd

The interview is the most challenging task, especially for fresher. Lack of confidence is one of the challenges a candidate faces in the interview round. The interviewer tries to understand what are your thoughts, how you present yourself and what are your key skills that they can use to grow their business. Your degrees and other professional certificates are undoubtedly important. Other than degrees, all that matters is how you communicate and present yourself in the interview.

Every organisation wants to hire a good employee who understands the business very well. In case you are weak in communicating with people, the first thing you need to do is relax! Take a deep breath and make sure whatever you speak is clear and concise. Keep the conversation smooth and simple by starting with introducing yourself. Mention about your degrees, certificates, and previous job experience. Tell them about your career plans, it will help, trust me.

Follow this guide to make your interview round more powerful

1) Discover Your Strong Area: Figure out which responsibilities are suitable, which lies under your interest and can be done by you successfully. To make it easy for you, just read the job duties which would be there in the job description section. If you have not applied online for the job, you can ask the HR about your job responsibilities before joining.

Generally, an organisation runs around 7 departments like product development, marketing , designing, technical department, management, sales and customer service. A company hires new employees to seek a missing part of the jigsaw puzzle. Check your skill and try to fix the puzzle by visualising your position in the department. This will help you to present your point compulsively.

2) Build Confidence : With the right amount of confidence, you can face any challenges in your life. Building confidence starts from training your brain to become fearless. For that, you require right tools.

Take a pen and paper, start writing the things which are making you “YOU”. I mean, note down the qualities and the things which you are good in.

List down all the certificates you have, like your graduation degree or any other professional certificates you have to prove your ability. Specify the achievements like awards, recognition letter etc.

Now create a separate list to rate yourself on the scale of 10 in most important areas like hard work, knowledge of the job, ability to solve the problem, team management, and professional attitude.

This information will tell you where you are standing now in your career. There will be some areas in which you have to upgrade yourself. Once you discover all these things, start working on it. Also, list down your core skill in the resume. Create a professionally designed resume for casting the impression on the interviewer. You can take help of free resume builder tool to make the process faster and simpler.

Knowing your capability will make a big difference in how you see the world.

3) Passion about the job: Study has shown that passionate person answers the question effectively in the interview. The reason behind it is the passionate person does a lot of hard work to upgrade themselves around the skill.

If you know how to sell anything to anyone, then you can become a good salesperson. This shows you are passionate about selling things. Similarly, leaders in the organisation upgrade themselves in managing people.

Your passion comes from your interest. Your job is to find what falls under your interest. Analyse whether you can fit in a professional world. A passionate person receives recognition easily. Find the job around your passion and apply to it. You will be happier to work for such companies.

4) Learn To Say No As Well: Interviewer may ask you some questions or can tell you some things on which you might not agree. It is not obligatory that you have to agree on everything. In such situation, you can simply say “I do not agree on this. Justify why you are opposing on the recruiter’s thoughts. You can have your own polite way to say no to them. Your positive attitude towards the situation will make a good impression on the interviewer.

5) Never Rehearse Interview : It is a very common practice among the job seekers. Many people suggest that you should rehearse your interview, but I don’t recommend that. In many cases, it descends your confidence level. You will feel confuse, your face will look terrified. Interviewers have mastered the skills of cross-questioning to evaluate your skills and abilities to work in the organisation. All your practice will go to waste as they are not going to stick with standard interview questions which you have been practising. The interviewer will judge your ability to work on the basis of your overall body language.

When you have sufficient knowledge about the job you will look self-possessed. Keep your eyes and ears open, listen carefully to the interview questions. Your natural ability to deal with people will captivate the interviewer.

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