Let’s make a pledge to secure women in India

Is India safe for women?

We have seen many efforts to secure the women in India, but history shows that all the attempts have failed. Whatever we do, it seems impossible to secure girls in our country.

The question is why Men are not afraid of Law and orders. There are many states in India where Girls are treated like animals. They don’t get equal rights to live in the society. Indian economy is growing at the rate of the 7% GDP year and on the other hand, molestation rate is also growing day by day.

Some experts say, illiterate people are the reason for such brutal action, on which I strongly disagree.

The recent molestation case in the Bengaluru showed girls are not secure in their state, where the literacy rate is 75.60% as per 2011 data which is higher than any other major states of India. Despite this, we see such devilish incident happening in the state. So I believe there is no connection to the illiteracy.

So how we can move one step ahead and take the charge to secure the women in India.

Things that are missing in the country prompts the assault and molestation on women.

1) Strict Law and order in the country: Indian law and orders are very poor if compared to other developed countries. People are not afraid of getting detained. They know that they have many options to get out from the trouble easily with the power of money and political contacts.

Create law where the court will start tracking the activities of culprit such as person’s wealth, business, his travel history etc. Indian government should start using advanced technology to keep track of these people. It is very easy to build infrastructure to record the activities of the particular person.

Only one year of data will give sufficient information about the person disrupting the law. It will help the investigator to track and filter the people from the society who are despicable worms in the country destroying the environment.

2) Use the power of people to rate people: Create a website/system where information about each individual in the Country is listed. I mean the entire population has to be listed in the system. Make the basic information like Person name, gender, photograph visible to the public with the location they reside. And ask people to submit reviews about the person anonymously (without displaying the name). The review only visible to the authority of police who are monitoring the backend of the site. Do not make the review visible to the public.

The most number of negative reviews from the different people state the person is suspicious. The legal authority can start using this data or they can have them for interrogation to confirm the nature of the person.

We have observed online reviews about the product and businesses plays a big role in deciding the quality of the company or product. You can judge the product quality by looking at the real reviews submitted by real people.

If this strategy is implemented to make the society better then I think It will work best to take the action against people who are not worth living in the society.

3) Self-defense Education should be mandatory in the School and colleges: The fear can be tackled by training the women a self-defense technique. Most of the girl don’t react to the molestation situation only because they have worry about consequences. They feel powerless in such condition.

Self-defense training will give the mental power to the girls to stand still and face the situation. I feel girls now need to become brave to take the action against these people. Don’t bother what will happen next. Remove this thought from your brain which says someone will come to help you.

4) CCTV Camera installation backed by Government: Government should take initiative and install CCTV cameras all across the country. Start with metro cities and places where the population is higher. Let people know where the CCTV cameras are installed. This will help families to use the secure route to move in the city. Instruct all banks and government offices including the local party offices to have 360 degrees view CCTV cameras in the front of the branches, offices, and ATMs. All the data will be collected and monitored by the individual authority who has no connection with the political party. The data will be shared with the local commissioners to take further actions.

The other option is giving tax exemption to the public limited companies and private limited companies if they are installing CCTV Cameras which is directly connected to the central authority. This will widespread the efforts easily and public places will become secure.

With the help of advanced technology, we can make a place better for humans.

5) Girls Unity: Many people have claimed that Girls itself don’t make noise when someone is eve teasing or misbehaving with them. Many Girls are afraid to come forward and take the charge to deal with such situation. I believe it will make big difference if girls will start supporting each other. Make a group, support each other, go and fight with these people. Your unity will start an evolution in the country.

You will have the courage to ask the simple question to the stalker.

“Why you are looking to me?”,

“Why you are following me?”

Let’s make a pledge to secure women in India.

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