Why Indians should listen to this musical about America’s founding fathers

(Also called “my pathetic attempt to make people listen to Hamilton”)

“Rap ah? About the founding fathers of America va? Can’t watch for free ah? No thanks.”, was exactly what I said when I first heard about Hamilton, the musical. But I am glad my roommate drove me insane by talking about it. I listened to it ready to hate it. But now, I am driving people insane by talking about it.

What is with this musical? What about it will appeal to you, who are 13,000 kilometers away from all the action? Why should you listen to this musical about America’s founding fathers? After hours of research (listening to Hamilton again) and with a lot of proofs (gifs), I attempt to answer those questions.

We have a common enemy

King George from Hamilton (musical)

Americans were ruled by that tiny island across the sea too. And since the musical takes us through how they got their independence, we could bond over the mutual hatred towards the British.

Their founding fathers did shady stuff

From adultery to sex addiction, the leaders of our nation are associated will all kinds of controversial stuff. But hey, so are their leaders.

And they were reliable with the ladies too!

We love the “love at first sight” songs

You know we love it

They have a love at first sight song!

We love heartbreak songs.

They have heartbreak songs!

We wait for everything

Buses, trains, jobs, onsite opportunities, and of course we wait for…

They have a whole song about it!

This can be your jam next time you are in a queue!

Their cabinet meetings can get intense

Well, not as much as ours…

But somewhat intense…

Plus, once you listen to Hamilton, you will get to say some cool things during your everyday situations like:

When you get free tickets to a Rajni movie

When someone asks you about your long term goal

When you want to encourage your team in the IPL

When the team next to you is loudly brainstorming ideas when you are trying to watch the match

When your manager catches you watching IPL asks you if you are done with your work

When your bae has gone on-site

When your bae is about to break up with you

Trust me. I wish I were a lawyer so I could say this everyday.

Seriously though, if you are thinking “oh, I am not a musical person” or “I am not interested in politics”, don’t let it hold you back. Because that is not the reason why Hamilton is amazing.

It’s amazing because of this guy — Lin Manuel Miranda, the creator of the musical.

He uses the words you know in ways you’d never imagine. Ultimately, if you celebrate Hamilton and if you are not an American, it’s his genius that you are celebrating.