Expert economists and strategists are here to help you!

Thinking of expanding your business or contemplating on making an investment? But, getting lost amidst the multiple factors that need to be considered? Hunting for information regarding global economic trends? Scheduling back-to-back meetings with business partners and advisors? Yet, you find yourself where you started? This is an indication that you need a partner who specialises in the subject matter of economics, market trends, and fiscal policies of different countries. Here, Marketnomix could prove to be of great assistance. Marketnomix is a network of experienced and noted economists and strategists who provide sound macro economic analysis. It provides a fact-based, comprehensive, and most importantly an unbiased analysis of global economic climate. The team is headed by Rajan Govil and Janak Nabar, both of whom have a combined experience of nearly 40 years. They have extensive knowledge about global economic outlook with a multi-faceted clientele that includes financial institutions, corporate treasuries, family offices, and high-net-worth individuals with businesses and investments across the world.

The services provided by Marketnomix include economic research and strategy, customized research, and interactive engagement. It provides elaborate country insights, structure of economies, and market updates of different countries. Marketnomix conducts an elaborate economic analysis of the following regions: Japan, China, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, USA, and Eurozone This provides an overall Asian economic outlook including the United States and Eurozone. The analysis comprises of multiple factors such as gross domestic product, index of industrial production, nominal effective exchange rate, foreign exchange reserves, fiscal policies, inflation targeting and more.

With so much to benefit from, a partnership with Marketnomix certainly has all the potential to grow your business in a more informed and confident manner. Be it expansion, investment, or resource deployment it is always an advantage to be aware of the economic climate. Click here to know more about Marketnomix and how this team of experts can redefine the way you conduct business.