Visualizing Microservices and Docker containers in a Blockchain problem space

I do Data Science and Analytics within the finance domain for an investment in the number one bank in Canada. But what I really do is read about the brain and experience my passion. This is my first blog on medium because it has constantly guided budding entrepreneurs like me.

Imagine machine learning models and other big data computation modules as separate black box applications that take raw datasets as input and output results as json objects or something. Even web scrapers would be deployed as containers for their own “jobs”. If the product uses Google Cloud APIs for example, there is a delay time for expensive jobs like “longrunningrecognize” which is like subtitles for human speech. Scraping jobs take time too.

Essentially every application in the stack of automated tools running from data engineering to tableau visualizations to clients are going to be separate applications running on the cloud. For example portfolio managers in Wall Street are resorting to AI and other deep tech stack tools for extracting insight from multiple datasources such as news, social media and transaction updates. Humongous data lakes are being created to store all the raw data. Data Science alone is a $200 billion market after all. Without considering companies like Google, AWS and startups which provide services.

EaaS: Everything as a service

Since every containerized application will be scaled with Kubernetes for steady cloud availability, there will be a need to visualize this microservice architecture from a peer -to-peer perspective where multiple applications (both internal or vendor) will be connecting to the big data storage system for extracting, computing and visualizing the big data.

For a shared database ( ledger ) full of transaction logs exposed to multiple writers, we are re-imagining business use cases with Decentralization.

Luckily, everything is open source. So are my ideas because I believe blockchain’s ultimate security could be the future of stock trading, asset management and making money!

I would appreciate expert advice, support in the comments. I think it takes a couple of minutes to just write a comment and connect two researchers together. Contact me if you want to contribute to my project on Github and if you want to discuss philanthrophy like engaging in entrepreneurship to create more jobs for the society.