So I am awake at midnight, just going through stuff in my room when my phone suddenly vibrates with a notification that says that a bomb explosion happened in Dortmund just before a football match. The match was scheduled to take place an hour later with AS Monaco in the first leg of UEFA Champions League quarter final. One player was injured, the extent of injuries still unclear. I put down my phone and begin thinking — how does a loveable game, enjoyed by all religions,end up becoming a target for the political retards/religious pimps. Don’t they have one iota of shame? Hats off to the local people in Dortmund who started a campaign called #bedforawayfans for all the traveling supporters from France/Monaco. See, that is the power of football. It unites people. These are the same Germans who invaded France some decades ago but look now, a shelter is given to the French folks by the same country. Maybe it’s a bombing caused by some extremist Islamic group or maybe the culprit is one of the many right wing activists in Central Europe now, but whoever is behind these bombings, should realize the simple and plain fact that if you try to hit the people where it hurts, you have another thing coming your way. People, especially from footballing nations, take pride in the local teams from their respective cities. Ask anyone from Liverpool why he or she hates clubs like Manchester United or Everton, you will know the immense pride that flows through that individual. Ask any kid in Turkey, the reason why Graeme Souness is famous/infamous there, you are bound to get mesmerized. The point of the above examples is that these bombers are foolish in attacking the one place they should not never attack. You know what, the truth is, bomb a church or bomb a temple or bomb a mosque for that matter… people forget after some time. But the moment you try to inflict harm on Joga Bonito, a revolution will take birth. The people of Catalunya in 1950s got more divided from the Madristas because the ruling regime locked down their beloved stadium ‘Camp Nou’.The sound of that bomb echoes not only in that city, but everywhere in the world.If you are the head of a certain faction behind these bombings, it will be soon when you will start realizing that your own people will start deserting you. It is an old saying — there is honour amongst thieves, and football can form a huge part of that honour. For example, the crime rates in Mexico drop by half whenever Javier chicharito Hernandez is playing in European competitions. A Mexican mafia kingpin will most probably stop supplying ammunition and supplies to the group behind these attacks knowing well that the attack could have easily taken place at Leverkusen where Hernandez plays. The Columbian people, while reeling under the tyranny of Pablo Escobar, found hope and pride in the dramatic and surprising run in the world Cup of 1994. People started realizing Columbia as a peace loving nation instead of perceiving it as the Cocaine bowl of the world. Football has written many stories of change across the globe, sometimes by individuals like Drogba and Beckham, other times by teams like Portugal and Iceland. The change has always been for the better. Those people who want to disrupt the peace and happiness of the world and divide the society should probably find another way. Football is limited by its definition in your normal dictionary. It is not a mere game… it is a wide spectrum of human emotions and a river of never ending love and passion. As Bill Shankly once said -

“Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I don’t like that attitude. I can assure them it is much more serious than that.”

Football always brings out the human in us and will always unite us as people. ALWAYS.