Lust,Love & Brahmacharya

The beginning,middle and end of spirituality.

In the world we live, almost everyone knows what lust feels like, love is a rare thing but you get an idea of it through movies and brahmacharya hardly anyone knows and many times those who are supposed to know, the saints and gurus even they don’t really know.

This post is going to reflect how I have come to understand the three.

There are 7 chakras in our body, the seven energy centers lined up through your spine.Here we are concerned with the sex centre, heart centre and the last is crown centre which is nothing but consciousness itself.The life force which is known by various names like kundalini in India or chi in China or more commonly as sexual energy passes through these centres gradually to reach the top.

  • Lust is then what you feel when energy is at the sex centre.Then you feel sexual attraction.
  • Love is when energy reaches the heart centre.Then sexual desire disappears and is replaced by emotions of various colours
  • Brahmacharya is when energy rises up from sex to love and finally reaches the head.Generally when this happens ,it stimulates thinking but if you could be like a silent lake..Energy finally passes beyond to the seventh chakra.This is called the meeting of Shiva and Shakti.

When you express your sexuality,you are an animal.

When you express you emotions,you are human.

When you express from brahmacharya, you become who you truly are…the infinite formless being.


Now the problem is that we are full of lust and we hate it.But hating actually blocks the flow of energy up and you end up being a highly sexualized being.

What is needed is to replace the shame by acceptance.Accept that you are an animal but don’t attach ugliness to it.Appreciate your body…love it..and embrace your sexual nature.Seeing yourself naked is be the first step.

Once you have embraced your sexuality, you will feel much more whole.Then the step of conservation comes.You need to take control of your masturbation so that energy could rise up.This is the time of practicing celibacy for a certain period of time.

This will allow energy to rise up.When it reaches the heart…it will stir your emotions.It can be both positive emotion or negative emotion.Enjoy this emotional ride if you are new to it.If you feel emotionally blocked, practice gratitude.Once you have tasted what it feels like…the next time when energy rises to your heart,all you need is to observe quietly.Do not react.

This will allow energy to rise higher where it reaches the throat centre.When that happens you will like to express yourself…you will feel like dancing,singing, you will want to express your heart.If this is the first time, then enjoy that expression.On the other hand,you may also feel blocked at the throat.It means you feel difficulty expressing yourself.Practicing affirmations will help.Dance in a closed room if you feel shy.When you get used to it, next time all you need to do is to resist the urge and simply observe.

This will allow energy to finally enter your head.Your sixth chakra will be stimulated which is thinking and imagination.You will feel like to continuously think.

If you could remain silent like a silent lake will finally meet awareness, shakti will finally meet shiva.That will be the culmination of brahmacharya.

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