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To set the record straight let me start off by saying what I feel — tech for the sake of tech is just a tool to waste time and dumb the intellect. On the other hand, technology that has the possibility and capability of either creating new ways of doing business, over hauling archaic business models and creating new kind of jobs for humans is, if not then pretty-close to, the culmination of human ingenuity.

As any era of business, we are in the middle of one that is saturated by buzz-words. Our business is not an exception to it…

This was the outcome of a lazy afternoon in Paris sipping on some beer with a good friend, after we had done some studying on Game Theory and were veering off into the practical applications of it. Beer, sun and game theory make a good combination, I must say.

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It all started on one of those social whats-app groups one Friday afternoon in between some important but intellectually un-challenging meetings. The conversation between a friend and me, veered off to Game Theory and its practical application to topics concerning everyday life. One of them being why do we end up…

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This essay goes a step further and looks at how businesses, particularly peer to peer, can design their platforms to build and increase Trust in them. The article tries to break down the designing of a platform to build trust, into an easy to understand process. The intent is not to analyse “design elements”, rather use it as a framework to check if you’re platform design is positioned to create trust amongst its users.

All platform businesses today are completely or almost completely digital in nature, making it important to assess the key question — How should one design for…

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With an explosion of peer to peer platform businesses in the last decade, “Trust” and how to build it, scale it and maintain it has gained unprecedented importance. I wrote this article at the start of 2019 as a high level analysis of what exactly is the new “trust economy”. How businesses like Airbnb, Toptal, Craiglist and many other gig economy businesses use trust as the backbone of their platforms. I believe at the heart of success (or failure) of P2P Platforms lies the presence or absence of Trust.

Across literature and research (both management and non-management), Trust has been…

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