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Catering Service In Jaipur

“Good Food is the strongest bridge to a good life…!” The mouthwatering aroma of rich spices, to the greed and need of sweets, the wait for the sparking delicacies that are about to be served, to the sooth that your favorite liquor gives while we gulp it down… this is all personification of our love for food. No events, celebrations or get together can be concluded without good food; on the contrary whenever we think or plan any “happy time” with our near and dear ones we think of food.

As the schedules of our daily lives are getting jam packed day by day we usually want to invest our time spending it with our dear ones, rather than sweating it in the kitchen, and why not when we are blessed to be a part of an era where all that we wish to eat can be fetched in numerous varietiesin the market. This is where actually the catering business falls in the scenario.

There are some great brands that have been in the industry from quite a span of time and are admired and looked upon by numerous followers for their regular and special need. Shaddidukaan is one of the pioneers of the industry. For all theindividuals who dream of good food and are part of catering industry or wish to be a part of it;this post is meant just for you.

Catering Business –As the word “cater” literally suggests that it is a facility where the people are provided desired munchies and drinks in a gathering or a get together. The catering industry is lavishly enjoying a great boom with numerous innovative, classy and elegant ideas being experimented and implemented worldwide. From the streets of a small town to the banquets of the super luxurious and crafty multi star hotels the catering business has its impression all over. The only thing that differs is the complexity and efforts that are put in at the different levels. Let’s have a brief look at the “ins and outs” of the catering industry.

· Knowing the needs of the client — Just like any other business, the success and sensation of the catering business also lies in the fact that how good are you at the market serve, and how well do you understand the client needs. One has to be in the depth of the client needs as in what cuisine is the client expecting, or what styles is preferred in the layout, what is the bottom thought, purpose and expectation of the customer and to what extent can they be molded as per your suggestions and plans.

One thing one must always keep in mind is that every client is different from other so the client handling shall also be different for each. A few want innovations and presentation of new ideas and trends, whereas the others don’t like to experiment with their root culture and food is an inevitable part of culture. So before making any final call or freezing the deals of catering for a particular occasion ensure that you hold a brief conversation with your client, and have a clear idea of what they want from you.

· Make suggestions and feel special — Never be afraid of sharing your thoughts and ideas with your customer, most of the times while speaking our thoughts to our client we end up with great conclusions and at the end get brilliant ideas about what we plan to do. Make sure that your customer feels delighted speaking to you and make them realize that you are equally involved in their celebration and good times and you certainly want to add a dazzle to their amazement with the magic of your catering.

· Planning, Execution and Backup — Once you have read your customer about what they expect in meal, liquor, services and decoration etc; start with planning of what can be fetched best from where. Be it the groceries, greens or man power, you must acknowledge the availability of handful resources well in advance. Along with having your layouts full, you must also have a backup plan for all the last minute changes.

· Stand apart — In the world of internet where every nick to mammoth information is available on internet right from the ingredients of the food, to the recipes, to its lay out and the presentation and even the decoration of the venue, one thing that can make you rule the market is using your own unique style instead of just “copying and pasting” the viral trends. Remember in the times of copies and leaks the one who is “unique” will certainly be at the lead.

· Ideas and Implementation — In the catering business with your innovative ideas of service, the outfits of your staff, the general etiquettes of the service, the design and quality of the used utensils crockery and cutlery, the efficiency of your team, the coordination among each of them, distribution of duties, last minute changes, flow of the delicacies as per the need of the time, assurance of availability of desired quality and quantity of food, all these factors brick together to form the strong wall of your brand. So as a leader you must ensure that you cement all these bricks firm together without any leaps and gaps between them. Motivate your people that “Together Everyone Achieves More” so they must act like a team and be a firm support to each other.

· Grooming and Monitoring — Catering being a TEAM game, and you being the part of the team must ensure that every individual of your team is well trained and groomed in what evr tasked or work responsibility is assigned to him or her. Write from the main cook, to the assistant cooks and the stewards all must be well trained and are minutely monitored by you or there team leader for an error free and smooth functioning.

· Time bound — The one who knows and values times, achieves all that one wishes to..!! Nothing can stop you from being successful in your dreams if you plan and progress your plans on time. In the catering industry time plays a very crucial role, the availability of man and material both depends on the time of the year when they are required, and especially in the peak business hours at times it gets difficult to get what you wish to on the desired time, so make sure that all the commitments are full — filled well in time, be it the lay out, service or rotation and segue of servings.

· Hold your spirits high — No doubt that catering industry is on its all time high, and is expected to grow beyond our expectations in times to fall, but at the same time we can not deny the fact that there are a certain “grey’s” of the sector too, the long hectic working hours being the most prominent among all. So in order to keep your spirits high and unleash you have to be a self motivator and hold your passion on a great level so that the long hectic hours of work don’t stress you much.

· Keep the horizon wide –In order to sustain in the market and fight the throat cutting competition of the market, keep your horizon broader. Try to work out and liquefy maximum of your queries, adding a lot of varietyto your portfolio and making a set record of how versatile you are in your job, as most of the customers look forward to the variety and go by the ones who are experienced and are active part of the market. Try to satisfy the expectations of maximum of your customers up to the best you can.

After knowing some of the basics and depths of the catering industry in the above stated bullet heads we hope that the readers will implement the above suggested facts and measures in order to groom themselves as better catering professionals, who would thoroughly understand the importance of understanding the client needs, after holding a brief talk with the customer, and would mould their suggestions in the best way out to suit the customer needs.

The reader would also concede the importance of training and grooming of the team and would monitor all this intensely. Shaadidukaan is also one of the trend setters in catering service in jaipur and can be looked up to for all the modern as well as contemporary ideas and trends to be followed in catering sector. No doubt the industry is laborious and time taking but once you are a part of it, it gives you immense joy of endless monetary benefits and a feeling of passion and a joy on your lips of some lip smacking and super yummy, mouthwatering food are the added benefits on a lighter note. So be confident and enjoy the food for a healthy body, mind and soul. When experts are there to help you then there is no need to worry.