The 48 hour lesbian
Lori Markoff

Hi Lori, coming from your “online dating” story found this one, and it just adds another great layer of depth.

So, I became 23 some weeks ago and been having lots of thoughts about past+future. Somehow I recalled the story shown in Black Mirror’s San Junipero (seriously, watch that episode — it touches many great topics).

Recently I thought “I’m young but getting old. Why not try new stuff? I already spent years (school) chasing something that became anticlimactic. For once I could do something different.

As I grew up I knew that had attraction to both Women and Men. Didn’t do anything about it on either. In HS and College I was too centered on studying and all. Dating passed around.


This quote hit my nerve:

“ You work really hard all your life to be a good person and a moral persona and fair and generous, and then you go to hell anyway.”

Which translates as: You been the good student and did your deeds but didn’t get the prize. You’re good, but enjoy more. Carpe diem, damnit!


After a few times getting into a CL type web, initially just for entretainment but later with more thought.

I found this “18 year old who wants to have new experiences” that had a first name and number. With the number I found a matching social profile, his name and surname, and instagram which detailed. (Creepy? Take care with the data out there).

First message went unanswered, next day I just asked if all was legit to which he politely answered being quite busy. Some days later just a couple details, quite dry.

One afternoon (the whatsapp last seen online is a blessing) I just call him up. It’s a surprise to put a voice to the pictures! He was studying and sounded tired, responded as not interested to the (sexual) listing he put. I turned my speech around offering a possible friendship and helping him with my skills on his Research essay and presentation, to which he became positive.

With his deadline approaching and Xmas holidays (free time) I’m gonna message him again to fix a date and do teamwork, plus a conversation I’m curious to have about.

Maybe I am too seeking friends because mine are in other priorities and kind of ghosts… But may not turn down something new if it is put into the table.



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