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Lori Markoff

Really your experience Lori, and it is an advance of what could one expect dating. I am 23 (still 22 in mind) but because of oh-all the “busyness” involved with studying, I never paid attention to dating.

Enter myself now: ended college (no debt here thankfully), having a millenial gig type of job + Quarter life crisis like situation and reflecting on what you did/didn’t do. Also, even friends start to become ghosts as the routines and other priorities of adult life overtake it.

Good thing of this is that I’ve pushed myself as myself, and because of it I’m quite comfortable on my own. Just because I’ve no one to do this or that should I just stay at home? Nope. Some things do take more effort, others I don’t do anymore (clubbing, though I thought of going on my own).

Met up a college friend the other day and he told me to try apps and online dating. As if it’d work… I thought it will just lead to a unvirtuous cycle, and this is the story here I see! So won’t try it. (I’ve something that matches your Lesbian story and will write there).

My town is a bit of damned paradise, beach town. I may move out soon anyways, and just enjoy what’s here (weather, family, beach). The dating scene, I just feel the athmosphere around here just calls that I’d bloom elsewhere.

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